About me.

...I used to have a real profile description. But for now, I'm turning this space into a miniture shrine to worship the friendship that I share with my two bestest friends/soulmates in the whole wide freaking universe!!!

On amirite, they are simply known as YeeeahEmma and lovely. But in real life, they're called Emma and Chloe. (To Emma and Chloe, before you accuse me of revealing your secret identities, realize I never specified which name belonged to which profile. So your secret is still safe ;P). On our own, we are ordinary (super weird, but nothing special) people. But when all three of us unite together, the sparks fly and we transform into what others know as "The Trio." We are truly special people.

Emma, otherwise known as "Stormy Sly," is the hugest player I know. Everyone who encounters this goddess cannot resist her charms and falls madly in love with her. Believe me; I am one of those people who fell hard. She's one of the funniest peoples I know (only upstaged by my very own brother), and she owns whatever picture she's in. Emma has got to be the most photogenic gurl out there!

Chloe, also more commonly known as "Chole" (pronounced cho-lay), although I like to call her "chlo-bear," is the one out of the trio who I believe is going to do great things (sorry emma, but you know it's true!). She's a wanderer, a dreamer, and a rebel. The hilarious part is that Chloe has most people fooled about who she really is!!! Most people are fooled by her so called "quiet" facade (BULLSHIT! Chloe ain't quiet!!!), but beneath the surface lies an opinionated young woman concerned with our world and willing to do something. Someone who wants to make a difference. A girl with pants anxiety, always wearing her flowy skirts. And she's also funny! Usually, Emma's best funny moments come from things Chloe said, but Emma simply repeated! And she's also one of the nicest peoples I know!!!

(sorry emma that chloe's description is like, twice the length of yours. i love you both equally no matter how many words i use to describe you!!!