You're paranoid that all your real-life friends secretly hate you, amirite?
@CadyHeron As long as all my imaginary friends don't hate me, I'm cool with it.

Do that for three weeks, and then get back to me. Today's session was $200. Do you have a check?

You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?

I'm from North Carolina, but I don't want gays to lose all of their rights.

It's interesting thinking about all the people you've walked by without saying a word to who could've been cut out to be your soulmate, amirite?
@Harper Hi, Favvkes!

Okay, no need to beg. I will be your soulmate.

It's cool when you see a tree and realize it's been there since before you were born. Just imagine all the stories it could tell, amirite?

Before I saw who posted this, I knew it was a Favvkes post.

As soon as you read ''It's impossible to...'' you try it because you want to be the one to prove it wrong, amirite?
They should make a show like Cash Cab called Cats Cab where people get into a taxi and a cat is driving and all of these flashing lights go off, but instead of answering questions everyone dies because cats can't drive, amirite?

You might as well call it Crash Cab.

ANYTHING is cute as a baby. Even Hiter, amirite?
The answer to the question "are you going to have more chili?" should always be, "HECK YEAH I'M GOING TO HAVE MORE CHILI!" amirite?

I love these posts that you just KNOW are going to start intelligent discussions.

Dog Owners: It is scary to think about the amount of dog hair you have ingested in your lifetime, amirite?

You could have also begun this post with "Dog eaters:".

Naming your WiFi can be fun, amirite?

That is one crazy apartment complex.

Everyone needs a dog that can kill people, just in case.. amirite?

I'm pretty confident in my own killing abilities.

They need to make band-aids that are the color of black people's skin, amirite?
You love that "OH I GET IT!!" moment after the first couple seconds of confusion when you read a witty post/comment, amirite?

I read this over and over, expecting there to be some hidden joke.

When you drive, it's interesting to think about the ripple effect your're having on traffic all over the city. Like, your right turn will cause another car to wait for you to turn, so he'll get to a stop light a little bit later and miss the green light, which will cause another car to be second at the light instead of first, which will cause them to miss a light somewhere up ahead, etc. Amirite?

When you dive, it's interesting to think about the ripple effect you're having on the water in the pool.

A lot of people probably thought that putting water in a plastic bottle was a dumb idea. Amirite?

Tap water is better for you and for the environment.