You hate it when you miss the bus because you took the time to write "You" instead of "u", amirite?

You think that's bad? I once typed "two" instead of "2" and I missed the entire 9th grade.

Being the smartest person in the Kardashian family is like being the valedictorian of an Alabama high school, amirite?

Its not that offensive and I mean it's not like they could read it anyway...

You would win American Idol if they let you bring a shower on stage, amirite?

Sadly not. Neither of my parents have life threatening illnesses and I don't have a crippling disability so I don't think my sob story would cut it. I can't sing either but that's basically irrelevant.

You want to scream "you're not my real ladder!" at your step-ladder, amirite?

I lost my real ladder 4 years ago, he contracted rust and he died shortly after. A step ladder later came into my life after my mum found him in the DIY section of homebase. He liked me but our relationship didn't scale the same heights as it did with my real ladder. We've tried doing relationship building activities such as painting a shed last summer, but he failed to lift me and my mood in the way my real ladder used to. He just can't support me in the same way.

Valentines day is one of the best days of the year though.

If you're in a relationship, great.

If you aren't, go to a restaurant and slip fake engagement rings into glasses of champagne or leave a positive pregnancy test on the sink of a male friend in a relationship. Fun can be had by all.

Nobody likes the guy who stands in the corner of the elevator, hoarding the buttons. Then he asks; what floor? And he smiles, like he's doing you a favor. I WANNA HIT THE BUTTON, amirite?

People who do that really push my buttons.

"No means no" is either dating advice, or the world's shortest Spanish lesson. amirite?

Or an entry in an incredibly vague dictionary.

It looks like your supermarket is dressing up as Christmas for Halloween. amirite?
You shouldn't die a virgin because then you might have to have sex with a terrorist in heaven, amirite?
@VIPbabe123 Dont worry u wont

Thank you so much for reassuring me! I was on the verge of calling a prostitute.

Guys should learn that the real beauty of a girl is buried within her soul. That's why they should try to get as deep as they can inside her, amirite?

Does this still work if they're ginger?

Americans: The founding fathers, who wanted us to be able to have guns, would pee through all 8 layers of their pants if they saw what guns were today, amirite?
Special occasions must be decided based on how scared people are of things. Trees only get one day. Sharks get a week. Black people get a whole month, amirite?
@Dameequa I AM CRYING.

Is that because your caps lock key is broken?

Stop, drop, and roll isn't just an effective fire safety tip, but it is also an interesting way to get out of a boring conversation, amirite?

Note to self: tactic is ineffective in elevators.

Nobody likes whorish olive oil, amirite?

It would pretty funny if Bin Laden had ended up in heaven simply to be confronted by 72 bottles of olive oil.