September 11th will probably live in more infamy than December 7th, amirite?
@Rocky Urite. Lol that's an unfortunate birthday. However, happy (6-day-belated) birthday!

Extra credit for me ;D And tell me about it - my mum's birthday is on day Anne Frank died, and my dad's birthday is on the day Michael Jackson died. Depressing, huh? And thank you!

Root beer mixed with cream soda is amazing, amirite?

Aha - anyone know where I can get it from in England? Sounds... like it would be an experience, to say the least.

Americans should just stop trying to impersonate British accents, amirite?

I AM the walrus.

If a genie say he will grant you three wishes, but then says you can't wish for more wishes. You should just use your first wish to wish that you could wish for more wishes then use your second wish to wish for more wishes. amirite?

Your logic makes a lot of sense, amirite?

Thank you for making this 2000th post possible, we love all followers and users of, amirite?

"The latht... melon."

I did agree with you, but it's all good now :)

someone will have the urge to comment on this, amirite?

COMMENTED! Phew, that felt good.

It's annoying when everyone else gets snow but you don't, amirite?

stealz snow

As long as it's not that mushy slushy stuff. Or ice, I don't like ice. I'm very particular about my snow.

My cat mauled me in the face earlier. I was only trying to stroke him. FML. Oh wait... amirite?

Today, I was playing with my cat. I don't have a cat. I'm still confused. MLIA

Winter is saddest of all seasons, amirite?

Winter makes me think of Christmas. YEAAA, CHRISTMAS!

Windows 7 WASN'T my idea, amirite?
@TroubleIsAFriend this is a repeat, amirite?

Possibly, but I've only just joined and I haven't read the posts that far back.

Windows 7 WASN'T my idea, amirite?
@TroubleIsAFriend mehh, excuses ;)

You're right. I'm actually a secret agent and this account is just to lure people off the scent. Curse you, Agent Fluffy shakes fist then barrel rolls out of the room

I thought Rage Against The Machine was just one of those bands everybody knew. Apparently not, wtf... amirite?

'Fraid not, sorry. I'm obviously not 'down with the kids'. Now please excuse me, Countdown is on and I must get back to my knitting.

Nothing says Christmas like a good curry, amirite?
Human gene modification will be a terrible thing, who says we have the right to control life? Life is one of the great mysterys, amirite?

Hm. This is a little too philosophical for me to choose. I'm just going to dance a bit to try and get my brain to stop being all deep and logical.