They are all good, and without them and a few others there would be no reason to log on this site.

I do all of those things every day

Has your life ever fallen to pieces. If so do you ever revisit those times in your life?

Yes, but I try not to dwell on it too much but rather move forward, one step at a time

Be strong. Be stedfast. It's not shameful. I ask you: Have you ever lived in sin?
@StarzAbove ha things happen. lol

Ha ha, yeah.
Good thing is we don't have to do the same mistakes over and over again hehe smilie

How much grudge can you hold before you have to let go?
I Love my Cat more then I do some People is that wrong ?

A cool glass of loud whine made from grapes of wrath

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Do you experience difficulties while concentrating on a face of a woman who is talking with you with cleavage? and you just pretend that you are not looking at her cleavage but face!?

If someone talked to me with their cleavage, it would have my divided attention.

If asked would you accept the role of best man or maid of honor at a wedding?

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Yes, it is a great honor. Did it once, and would again if asked

There should be an Annual Singles Day. Amirite?

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Yes! But who fixes breakfast at bed?

You have a special place in heregoo smilie

Is there someone on Amirite whose comments and replies you look for first...?

Very well, thank you. I'm on extended Easter break and enjoys lazy days at my parents house.
How are you?

German council wants sausages served at vegetarian Earth Day event. Can anyone tell me how you argue this one? Ha!

It is the ultimate test:
Bratwurst or broccoli? cyc smilie