They are just giving advice based on their years of studying health and nutrition. No conspiracy here..

@HegeMarie Hope you had a wonderful day!!

It was grand love and once again thank you Marie.

It is only a matter of time before Teletext kills the Internet, amirite?
@HegeMarie Hello, Marianne! Doing fine, how have you been? This is the busiest time of year, but this day is off because of...

Thank you, HegeMarie - it was a busy time too, here. We are, of course, celebrating Ascension Day officially.

We had also a very capricious weather, mostly clouded, partly rainy, but still not enough to compensate for the dry years - and snow in late April. Temperatures went up and down. Yesterday was rather sunny and mild, and today will be bright and hot.

smile smilie


Thank you Marie love. 乂º◡º乂

Roger Moore was my fav Bond too and it is very sad to hear. 乂º︵º乂 YouTube video thumbnail

When I drove a limo I noticed that every time I picked up British girls I got called "a cheeky bostid" ... again ... and I never knew if that was good or bad.

@Zolfie Umm neither am I (other than a simple spanking, but that's not close to the s&m level)... but I don't like...

Image in content
Now Zolfie, just WHAT are you thinking?
'Bout CLAWS that within me are sinking?!
No matter your pleading,
I'm NOT into bleeding,
It's NOT in my breeding, it's KINKING! ono smilie

@Zolfie Really?... I mean really! You're asking if I'm a scammer? When I am normally a helper to people... it would hurt me...

Me...? A dirty mind...??? wt smilie

There once was a skeptical scammer
Who often would make a big clamor
For more and more suckers
(Unfortunate f—kers)
To be picked, fleeced and banged with his hammer.
hehe smilie


If the wanker won't GET down right next to us,
His problem need NOT be a vex to us.
The affliction's lamentable,
Quite eas'ly preventable,
By being a bit ambidextrous."

@Sukiesnow Is she a goer, mate? Eh? Blimey.

A goer? Corrrrrrrr bliimey, she never bleedin stopped mate!

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It is only a matter of time before Teletext kills the Internet, amirite?
@HegeMarie That is true. I don't recall any trolls, fools or narr on Teletext, at least

Hello, HegeMarie - how are you doing?
I missed your sunny presence.

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Wow! THAT is true wisdom!