You know things are bad when you can put your socks on from both ends, amirite?

from your heel too you mean?

I like. Big. Trucks and I cannot lie! You other Fords can't deny. When a truck rolls in with a four inch lift and a flat bed with a hitch you get sprung! amirite?
You love your IPhone 5 so much that you keep it in it's packaging, in the shop, at the mall, with cameras everywhere.

Nope, it's right here beside me. Out of it's packaging and in it's otter box.
Awesome upgrade from my old Nokia phone.

Are you from Tennesse? 'Cause I wanna make out with your face. amirite?
The biggest mistake the producers could make is having Robert Pattinson play Finnick Odair in the next Hunger Games movie, amirite?
@There is no way Robert Pattinson can pull off Finnick Odair. No. Way. Finnick was one of my favorite characters in...

My thoughts exactly! Finnick needs to be like, REALLY cute.

I can see how SOME people might find Robert Pattinson attractive, but he's not really universally cute.

Finnick needs to have a super sexy tan, and be a little bit buff, but not too buff.
RP, is whiter than snow and lankier than a piece of spaghetti. SMH.

Either you love panda cows, or you didn't even know they existed, amirite?
@fuckoffwhore can you own one of those as a pet??

I'm pretty sure, but they're not cheap. 30k a pop is what I heard from a youtuber

How can people spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 12 years of their LIVES at school and come out of it not knowing simple things. The difference between their, they're, and there. The difference between whose and who's. The difference between your and you're. The fact that 'a lot' is two words, not one.
You have at one point wondered if every other human in the world wasn't alive, and that they were activated by your presence somehow; that you were the only person truly experiencing consciousness, Amirite?

Silly me here thinking I was the only one who's been in that mindset before, when there's an actual word for it. I'm sure there are fiction novels on it as well, anyone know of one?

You get kind of scared when you go into a handicapped stall because you think when you step out, a handicapped person will be staring you down, amirite?

I felt bad today at community college, all the stalls were open but i went in the handicapped one..when I walked the morbidly obese woman from my class was waiting outside the stall. She looked kinda ticked..

If Voldemort and Harry had a baby if would look like Arthur... amirite?

Arthur the aardvark from PBS

You're not scared of being "Forever Alone", you're just scared of settling for the wrong person.
I don't drink my coffee with cream, I drink my cream with coffee, amirite?

haha, i'd prefer my cream plain sometimes

The human body is extraordinary
You remember back when Walmart's plastic bags were blue with that yellow smiley face, amirite?
Are you from Tennesse? 'Cause I wanna make out with your face. amirite?