Your internet addiction is getting alt of ctrl, amirite?
Vegetarians should have more food choices, amirite?

I agree. I wish all fast food carried Morningstar burgers. My life would be complete.

Surfing in real life is totally pathetic compared to surfing in the movies, amirite?

I'm the guy in the back, with no balance, not surfing.

don't judge someone because they sin differently than you, amirite?
I might be completely off on this but, why do you have to get good grades in college? Shouldn't you just have to get your degree? Its not like your future employer is going to check your grades, amirite?
@Montgomery_Scott I wouldn't want a C+ doctor operating on me

sad thing is, most of them are D: the good ones are in the hamptons!

When you think about it, it's kind of weird how in the 21st century, countries still go to war and people still kill each other just to settle disagreements, take commodities, persecute over religion, etc. You'd think that since we're so advanced now,we'd have a more civilized way of dealing with problems, amirite?
Its disguisting that in this modern day of age, some people are still against homosexuality. amirite?

I don't think there's anything wrong with being against it. As long as those views don't turn into bigotry and hatred.
My Bible, which I believe as truth, says acting on it is not a good thing.
That doesn't mean I can't have a gay best friend, which I do. It just means that I, as a Christian, chose to not act on any homosexual tendencies.

I know people will throw a pissy fit by referring to it as 'sinning' but I always say 'hate the sin love the 'sinner'. Meaning just because you think it's wrong doesn't make it okay to show hatred towards the person doing it.

Twitter: putting your thoughts out and hoping that somebody cares, amirite?

Amirite: putting your thoughts out and hoping someone agrees, amirite?

in america its always 'this is america, speak english' yet its okay for americans to go to any foreign country and speak english, amirite?
You didn't think The Office could possibly be any good without Steve Carrell until you found out Will Ferrel was taking his place. amirite?

Haha when I heard I was like 'nooo, nobody they find will be good enou--oh, well, that could actually work! nice'

You don't think the rich should pay more in taxes, amirite?

I think we should all pay the same percent. Coming from a middle class home, I don't believe wealthy people should be punished for being wealthy. They work just as hard, if not much much harder for their money (doctors going to school for many years, ect.)

It absolutely sucks when you're sitting at a lecture that you know is really interesting, based on the subject, and the lecturer completely ruins it because he/she manages to engage no enthusiasm or interest in the students at all, amirite?

My world religions class last semester. I was so excited to learn about different religions of the world.

I ended up with a teacher who did nothing but read slides in a monotone voice and show movies EVERY single week without previewing them first, so sometimes we would watch something completely irrelevant for 2 hours. Movies are awesome once in a while, but how is one supposed to actually learn if there is no teaching?

A woodpecker wouldn't be called a woodpecker if it couldn't peck wood, amirite?

Woodchucks. Your theory fails.

On those days when you oversleep and have to leave your house really fast without washing your face, peeing, brushing your teeth, and have no time to wear something nice, you feel gross the whole day and can't wait to come home, amirite?

I MAKE time to brush my teeth and wash my face lol.