Women will sit on (about) twice as many toilets in their lives then men will. amirite?
@Expert-Afternoon-501 From what I've heard a lot of women hover instead of sitting on seats, especially in public bathrooms.

Hovering, pissing all over the seat and sometimes the floor thanks to the hovering, not flushing, trying to flush 10 uses worth of toilet paper after 10 people didn't flush. All reasons why women's washrooms are usually dirtier and get twice as many clogged toilets.

being lazy isn't a bad thing, amirite?
@LookAnAltAccount just say you don't like poor people.

Poor people are fine. Just be poor and keep.your hands out of my pocket

There is definitely some rich guy who wants to get into heaven who is commissioning a sewing needle with an eye large enough for a camel to walk through. amirite?

The Bible passage refers to a place, Eye of the needle gate in Jerusalem.

American tourists are actually very charming, polite and respectful. amirite?
@teknogreek Europeans will tend to think this because Americans visiting Europe tend to come form higher socioeconomic...

In Cuba, it's the Canadians that start fights and vomit in the pool. Bartenders say "wow, American tourists are always so nice, so friendly, so generous". Sure because the few Americans they meet arent visiting on a $599 7 day all inclusive package.

Mallorca they will say British are drunken fools and American tourists are nice. Cancun they will say Americans are drunken fools and British tourists are nice.

Cheating is the best way to play video games. amirite?
@Some-Noname-idk When I played the original Sims I found a way to cheat without even technically cheating. Basically, you could buy...

Yeah, a lot of games you can just say "I'm role playing a god" or what have you and it be a perfectly legitimate way to play I suppose. But in your example, you spent significant time to cheat, so you can do what you wanted to. I wouldn't want to spend equal time on something like this as I would on just playing. Cheating allows that

Heightened senses are a terrible and lazy superpower. In fact, most superpowers are. Superheroes would be so much more interesting if they gave these powers depth. amirite?

I take it you don't actually read the comics since most major heroes have stories where the hero's powers are turned against them

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?

It's about freedom and preventing black market sales. People should be free to do as they please if it's not effecting others. It's certainly not polluting in any significance worth banning beyond indoors/near doorways. People shouldn't smoke around others either but none of this is reasons to remove freedoms. Especially when we can't even get rid of far more dangerous legal drugs like oxycontin.

No 2 people are 100% the same height, amirite?
@contextrip There are more 7 billion people alive today. You're telling me not a single pair of people are the same height?...

I mean there are 1.8860802574178E34 planck lengths in a foot. good chance 7 billion people could be all different if you are able to measure in planck lengths right? obviously being facetious, but yeah, there are tons of people that are the same height from a practical standpoint

It's not all doom and gloom if a young couple has a kid early in life, and shouldn't be seen that way, amirite?

You're right it's not all doom and gloom. It's about 98% Doom and Gloom and 2% happy moments.

Source: Me. I am an old woman who had kids too early and know what it's like to raise them when you're young and think you know what you're doing and that you'll be able to hack it and make it up as you go along.

We produce too many raisins as a country, amirite?

Raisins are goated

Everything can be a murder weapon if used right.
@Nickyikky Or if used wrong.

Not murder if due to negligence.

Most of becoming smarter is feeling stupider. amirite?

"All I know is that I know nothing."

Hollywood scenes today is always shot with just one actor at a time. I hate it. amirite?

The rona. Hollywood is one of the few places still pretending about it, which is not a surprise.

For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?

To quote Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter, concerning his pre-date ritual, "Wash my pits. Squeeze one out."

You shouldn't be able to play music through a speaker in an apartment, amirite?