Our basic directions only correspond with the earh, amirite?

There could never be a universal cardinal direction. All directions would have to be relative to something. Especially if you're talking about space. We can't even fathom how big space really is.

You're all mixed up on even Earth's directions.

Since no-one in the restaurant is interested in what's on your plate, it's weird that you think anyone on social media might be, amirite?
@browndog888 No?! So weird

I think you are in the weirdo minority on this one. Scoping out other plates and asking what other tables ordered is super common in restaurants.

We are very lucky that farts don't have color. amirite?

What about when you shart? Then your pants turn brown & the whole world can see. They might even turn diarrhea green or maroon if you've even something like hot Cheetos. They do have color in the realm that I come from, the color is very vivid. The scent is muted. This is what allows me to appreciate the purity of color left behind.

If dinosaurs came back, archeologists would go extinct. amirite?
@teknogreek What else?

Plants, bones, ruins, civilizations

Before sex Ed and porn, most guys probably assumed their dicks were above average. amirite?

Plus side, so did their wives.

Everything can be a murder weapon if used right.
I'm waiting for the day when drones rob a bank. amirite?

Seize the means of production, or something like that lol

Humans probably have superpowers, we just haven't figured out how to use them yet, amirite?

Your brain is your super power, use it.

If birds and flying bugs didn't exist we would never invent flying. amirite?

Poor bats, to be ignored like that.

If opposite day is really opposite day, it's actually not opposite day. amirite?
Technically, hell is where all the fun people are. amirite?
Facial recognition for phones became the popular thing just as we had to start covering our faces. amirite?
Snowmen are male because moms back then gave kids dad's clothes to dress them. amirite?
It's a very weird feeling that as you you get older, people respect you more. amirite?

Then, at a certain point, it starts to slide backward, people start dismissing you because you're old.

Beavers chuck wood more often than woodchucks. amirite?

Not as much as me, I chuck my wood every morning.