It's unfair that girls have to wear something on their chests at the beach when us guys don't have to. They should stop wearing bikini tops as a sign of protest, amirite, amirite?
You have thought at one point in your life that your life is a TV show that everyone is watching from hidden cameras and all of your friends and family are actors, amirite?

Just in case, I flick off random things where I think the camera would be

Friends don't let friends drive naked. amirite?

Unless your friends with benefits ;)

Without the ridiculously high metabolism some people are fortunate to have, there'd be a lot more obese people in the world, amirite?
@Uh, sure. Grrr.

Don't grr me. I will grr like no other.

why do they call them casualties if there is nothing casual about dying? amirite?

every one dies...so how is it not casual?

Dear Teacher, You tell me that janitors aren't paid to clean up my mess when we leave a mess in the cafeteria but then what the hell are they being paid to do, amirite?
To be fair, the US has been building ground zeros near Iraqi mosques since march 2003, amirite?

NICE! you are pretty much smarter than all the politicians in the world.

I think there is more good than evil in this world. It's just that a bomb sounds louder than a hug. amirite?
@Truuninja Not the way I hug people

your hugs are as loud as a bomb? how hard do you hug, or is it that your hug so hard that people think its dry humping and scream rape?

Without the chicken coming first, there would be nothing to keep the egg warm, amirite?

waaazz good, wuzz happenin, you still with that slut?

Two Rules For Success: 1) Never tell people everything you know. amirite?

exactly how im feeling.

Everybody is doing it,guys are doing it with girls, girls are doing it with other girls, some get together in groups and do it, some do it with complete strangers, some people like to do it hardcore, some people like to watch others do it, over 20 million people are doing it, its safe to say everyone is doing it...playing modern warfare. amirite?
@hahaha I heard this onn tv last night, and my parents were in the room, & i was like oh god. xD

haha same haha the first time i saw it was with my parents and we were eating, and like i was like what the hell in the beginning and when it said the part about the modern warfare i basically spit my food out laughing :P

War doesn't show us who's right, it shows us who's left, amirite?
@Troggy War is a good thing. Too many humans.

Well i can tell your an insincere ass. Why don't you join the army if you think people should die?

Girls, when your skinny you wish to be fatter, when your fat you wish to be skinnier for the sake of men please make up your mind. amirite?
Girls, when your skinny you wish to be fatter, when your fat you wish to be skinnier for the sake of men please make up your mind. amirite?
Whenever you are explaining your nightmare to a friend, it sounds retarded and not freaky at all, but when you actually dreamt it, it was the scariest shit ever, amirite?