Does a dog own his bone? Is not the true meaning of ownership simply defensible possession? Humans can “own” property only insofar as they can prevent others from taking it away.

It goes both ways. Yes we still own things, regardless of whether or not they've been stolen, hence the reason the judicial system exists, however, there is something to agree with, in saying that we only own proper to the extent that we can prevent it being stolen from us.

The things that have hurt us most in the past make us who we are today.

Actually, it's the people we meet who make us who we are today. We are literally just the bits and pieces we like in other people.

Me and my girlfriend had a fight today. I was complaining how much she wears slutty clothes and how she should respect herself and then all of a sudden she says "well maybe if your willy wasn't so small I wouldn't have to do that!" First of all my dick is huge. you can ask any girl. Secondly its not about the size of the boat! It's the motion of the ocean amirite?

5 inches is not huge..

Having an iphone is like having a huge dick, you just want to whip it out and play with it all the time, amirite?

I have both

Guys: Your dick is HUGE, amirite?

if you consider 8 inches huge..

fri(END] , boyfri(END] , girlfri(END] Everything has an END , exept for fam(ILY]

god I hate kids like this.

If your a girl and you wanna have sex with a guy, all you have to do is have boobs and look at him, amirite?

I'd rather a girl have a modicum of intelligence, as opposed to just.. tits

It's funny when kids try to act badass and rebellious and then when their parents show up, they act normal, amirite?

What's worse is when kids tag (graffiti) something where you work, in marker.... that isn't even permanent.

Ovaries: A cannibal's caviar, amirite?

I can't agree to this because the ovaries themselves are not caviar.
It's what is inside the ovaries.

It's awesome that the amirite guy has a mustache for movember, amirite?
@stepdom is that suppose to be movember or is that just a common typo

If you don't know what movember is, go research it.

I'm not being a dick by the way, I'm saying, you should know what it is.

Metalheads: It's a pissoff to see these scene kids going to metal shows. It's even more of a pissoff to hear them claiming they love metal, and either use cannibal corpse as their first or only reference, or for them to name bands that aren't even metal, amirite?



When your phone charger, laptop charger, and television remote all break the same day, you're technologically fucked, amirite?

no, if your remote breaks, that just means that you have to manually change the channel

BP's new slogan: "Now with added sea salt", amirite?

I was totally thinking boston pizza at first.

I just bought some bonds. James Bonds. Amirite?

reminds me of family guy.

lois: This will give you and stewie a chance to bond!
peter: bond? james bond.... I'll do it!

Feeling thirsty? There's a frapp for that, amirite?

Lost? There's a map for that
Sexually frustrated? There's a fap for that.