"Dashing" is an underused word in the context of appearance, amirite?

I'm so glad that we're all so attractive here so I don't have to half heartedly say you look dashing to make you feel good about yourself but instead simply tell the truth that you're dashing. hello smilie

When you go to Hell, all you do while you're there is un-tangle Christmas tree lights, amirite?
@iamveryawesome And the remote is too far out of reach, and the milk tastes funny, and all you have in the refrigerator are...

And you're doomed to wake up exactly 3 minutes before the alarm clock (set at 4:45 in the morning), not long enough to sleep any more.
Also, the only cereal in the cupboard is lucky charms with no marshmallows, with the slightly funny milk, the spoon is bent into an uncomfortable angle and it too sturdy to bend back, and every day you have a dentists appointment with only orange flavored flouride

The best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google's search results, amirite?

the best place to hide a body is in Terms and Conditions

There are many wild animals that you'd like to have as a pet if they were tame, amirite?

I'd finally get a pet rock that won't run away

It would be really funny if the GPS changed voices depending on what part of town you are in. YOOO Man, Yawll enturrin da ghetto! teerrrn leffft and' hit up tha likor store beeotch! Nah Nah Nah Nah Yawll misst da teeern. You are reallly dumm. Fur reel. amirite?
@Lkun What would happen if you drove through chinatown?

Turn left in 5 mile. Nonono, make different turn! I bet you get B in school.

They had to change the title of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" to "Sorcerer's Stone" in the USA because Americans aren't educated well enough to know what a philosopher is, amirite?
@British people: Having a better education than Americans since forever.

OH, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of being on the MOON.

Girls: You masturbate, amirite?
@No Shit Sherlock

fuck you, watson.

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You've been in love before, amirite?

And what a shitty experience that was!

When one person commits an atrocity, it is considered a crime and is met with punishment. When millions of people commit atrocities, it is considered a culture and is met with tolerance, amirite?
@lucyjoan Seriously, why was there no POTD yesterday?

Well Lucyjoan, it's quite simple.

If you re-arrange the letters in 'No post of the day' You get 'foop tha dony dest'
If you type 'foop tha dony dest' in Google translate from English to simplified Chinese you with get 'foop THA dony DEST'. As you can see 'THA' and 'DEST' are capitalized for some reason. If you take the capitalized words and put them together, you get 'THADEST' which if said quickly sounds like 'The test'

Which I obviously just passed.