‘Reckon' is probably short for ‘recognize', amirite?





establish by calculation.

"his debts were reckoned at £300,000"




work out

put a figure on




count (up)

add up



tot up



be of the opinion.

"he reckons that the army should pull out entirely"

Its its own word

Are you challenging me?!

Puppets are technically alive. They have bone muscle and blood inside of them. amirite?
Maybe cats think that people are never happy because we don't purr. amirite?

I purr. Don't you?

It's possible that a planet exists where dinosaurs never went extinct and have continued to evolve for millions of years. Maybe there's a dinosaur somewhere wearing a hat. amirite?

This is great

The life of a photon is pretty sad. Millions of years bouncing around the sun, minutes of freedom before smashing against planets and stuff, amirite?

At least they smash

Since depression exists, the philosophical argument that there most be an opposite to all things implies that there is a disorder that makes people TOO happy, amirite?
@Tommyfrank How isn't there?

I mean, please explain your thinking.

Almost everyone uses Q-Tips to clean their ears even though they aren't intended or marketed to do that. amirite?

What are they intended to be for then?

Success is when your couch isn't against the wall, amirite?

If you measure success in terms of money and being able to buy large spaces. If you're happy without these things then you're also successful.

Nobody questions why an elderly bear is running around the woods with no pants constantly looking for a little boy, amirite?
The password "password" has been drilled so many times as a bad password it's actually a good password. amirite?

Right, in the same way burgelers would never expect you to leave your front door open and leave your money in neat stacks on the floor. They will be surprised, but only at your stupidity.

If killing animals for taste is right then why killing them for fun is wrong. amirite?

We choose which animals we eat because of how convenient they are to raise in captivity. Even with hunting, usually people have more fun because they know (or just romanticize) that animal had a good life and dies quickly.

Trophy hunters are the scum of the Earth and should be sent to Monster Island.

If you aren't watching POV pornhub, your kink is actually being "guy in the corner.", amirite?

If your watching POV your kink is sitting on some other guys cock as you watch it enter a pussy

Amazing how trained dogs that gets treats as rewards for accomplishing tasks doesn't try to deceive and cheat to get more treats. amirite?

You never met my dog

If you own an animal, and you hit it, you're beating your meat. amirite?

No pudding if you don't beat your meat! How can you have any pudding when you don't beat your meat!