Maybe cats think that people are never happy because we don't purr. amirite?

I purr. Don't you?

If you own an animal, and you hit it, you're beating your meat. amirite?

No pudding if you don't beat your meat! How can you have any pudding when you don't beat your meat!

Coughing can be used as a self defence mechanism, amirite?
Blasters in the Star Wars Universe are either extremely difficult to control for accuracy or poorly designed. amirite?
@Larny2019 For the guns that Imperial stormtroopers use, it was canon for a long time that they were made by the lowest bidder...

I would guess the reason is because there would be such an unimaginably large number of stormtroopers needed to maintain control over an entire galaxy

There's no good general verb form of sex, amirite?
@You are currently sounding like an Indian Facebook user lol

That's the point like this. Your bobs very big they are very sex oh yes so good

Apple decided to not include a charger and earpods with latest release. Soon they'll offer you only a thousand dollar screen and you'll have to buy the phone separately. amirite?

I'm waiting the the Apple Pi.

Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Not everyone has the virus, dumbass

No, but you could also be unknowingly carrying the virus. And it will also help the overall anxiety of society right now. Dumbass.

Somebody really did just have their worst day ever, amirite?
@bismith5000 No

Me, one month and counting

Quotes said by dead famous people seem more wiser than quotes said by alive famous people, amirite?
@Ludox Bc we tend to see the older ones that last as more knowledgeable bc they are ‘extra wise' because they seem...

Also a lot of the current famous people are morons and are dragging our society into the toilet with them. Abraham Lincoln didn't say YOLO at Gettysburg but Several "influencers" might.

The condom industry is entirely dependent on people who want to have safe sex. amirite?
Picking out a Valentine's gift is only hard when you know that nothing in the world will be good enough. amirite?
Being furloughed from work is the adult equivalant of being grounded. amirite?

Experiencing it right now!😂

Whoever came up with "babysitter" and "kidnapper" must've been on crack. amirite?
‘Reckon' is probably short for ‘recognize', amirite?





establish by calculation.

"his debts were reckoned at £300,000"




work out

put a figure on




count (up)

add up



tot up



be of the opinion.

"he reckons that the army should pull out entirely"

Its its own word

No one will ever know what happens if a woman takes a prostate pill unless someone is stupid enough to try it, amirite?

I'm sure thousands of women did as a part of clinical trials.