About me.

Well I'm really bad at these about you sections, but feel like such a creeper with nothing written here so I'm gonna try my best. I think it'll be easiest if I just give a list of likes and dislikes so that's what I'll do.

• Reading
• Music
- Piano
- Band geek (flute)
- Chorus nerd

  • Guitar somewhat (I've been teaching myself)
    - And pretty much any other instrument I can get my hands on I will figure out how to play
    - Oh, and of course I love listening to music
    • Sports
    - Football Cheerleading
    - Dance
    • Extracurricular Activities
    - Academic Bowl (yes I'm a nerd)
    - Musicals
    • Math
    • Writing (Fiction)
    • Summer
    • Animals
    • 4-wheelers
    • My friends :)
    • God :)
    • This site (amazing job Anthony)
    • And I cannot forget AVPM and AVPS :)

• Snow (it's pretty, but way too cold)
• Rain
• Annoying siblings
• Writing (essays)
• Driving

Well I think that's good for now :)