As soon as you read ''It's impossible to...'' you try it because you want to be the one to prove it wrong, amirite?

it's impossible to be my boyfriend.

Most of the Spongebob episodes have dirty names, amirite?

"Wow Sandy, their going bananas for your nutcracker" lol it was just on a few minutes ago

If they made a website for the Hunger Games like My Life is Average or My Life is Twilight, what would they call it? My Life is Hungry? amirite?
@Montana I'm pretty sure that JK Rowling didn't invent the "Two guys one girl" character presence.

I know. I was just stating the similarities. I'm pretty sure JK Rowling didn't invent old people either.

You never realized "Diagon Alley" was a play on the word "diagonally," amirite?

:D You rhyme!

Whales are too big to be called animals. Do you know of any animals that big? They should be put in the fish kingdom, where anything can happen. Also, bugs need to be taken out and put back in the insect kingdom. amirite?

I know an animal that big. A whale.

Even if you say cheerleading isn't a sport there's still a part of you that knows if you were forced to do competitive cheerleading you wouldn't be able to do it, amirite?

Maybe I seem too sensitive about this topic, but cheerleading (competitively) is, in fact, a sport. Competitive cheer isn't impossible, but it is some tough stuff. And I don't like how it says "if you were forced" because cheerleading is freaking awesome and extremely fun.

@Suzywao Did.. did that unicorn just shit a cinnamon roll?

I love how he's saying that and pointing to the unicorn poo

You're stuck making bad chemistry jokes because all the good ones Argon, amirite?
"Why are you late to work?" "Oh, I just had a case of raging diarrhea." "........." There are times when it's better to not tell the truth, amirite?

YouTube video thumbnail
4:10 "Yeah... so bad... I'm just pooing everywhere."

Nobody actually faints with the back of their hand on their forehead, amirite?
@3 hands?

: I meant at different times. -_-
I guess it would have made more sense to change it to "I also sometimes..."

Everyone's ugly when they yawn. amirite?
Texans: You don't ride a horse, you don't wear a cowboy hat/boots, and you don't have a heavy southern accent and say "y'all" and "howdy" all the time. We just have a bad stereotype, amirite?

In fort worth they do...

You love keeping your window a little open in the winter so you can hear the rain, amirite?

I probably would if I weren't so paranoid that someone will creep into my room while I'm sleeping or something