Being honest and trusted holds a heavy responsibility because if you did decide to lie people would believe you. amirite?

Freemasons vow every month (at least in my state) to treat everyone fairly and never lie. So I follow that. The biggest problem? People don't believe that people like that exist anymore. It's frustrating.

"Lоve аt first sight" is а еuphеmism fоr а bоnеr, amirite?
Everyone have felt what anal sex feels like, when you are constipated and you can feel each sensation of your ass. amirite?

Lost my buttginity to a 7 cheese pizza when I was like thirteen. I bled I cried and worst part was nobody was there to cuddle me after words.

Whoever invented chess didn't think very highly of a king's ability to fight in battle, amirite?
Erotic word for vagina is pussy, penis is cock, but ass doesn't have one. amirite?
Skipping is the most efficient form of traveling but yet you and your pride and your ego refuse to skip even though it takes less energy to do and is faster than walking, amirite?

Do you have a source to back this up? Sounds dubious.

McDonudes does not look like women who actually eat there. amirite?

You can eat McDonald's with out being morbidly obese

Were Pokémon named before hearing the noises they make or named after hearing the sounds they made, amirite?

Victribel, Onyx, Gyarados, & Staryu have entered the chat

When you argue with someone in a dream, you are actually fighting with yourself, since you are imagining the conversation. amirite?

I'm usually arguing with myself even when I'm arguing with people while I'm awake, so it's all par for the course.

Put nicotine in the water. Juul water nicotine. Big idea huge replace flouride with nicotine. Infinite water customers want nicotine water buy nicotine water from me. amirite?
If someone legitimately creates a pill that will grow penis sizes nobody will believe them. amirite?

Nobody will believe them but it will still sell millions

If someone legitimately creates a pill that will grow penis sizes nobody will believe them. amirite?
Most peoples piss in developed countries is cleaner than drinking water in third world countries, amirite?

Absolutely not. Are you high?

The only letter in the alphabet that phonetically starts with the letter ‘W' isn't W, it's Y, amirite?

Ich, als Deutscher: ich habe keine solchen Schwächen.

A mustache is a Mouthbrow, amirite?