The year 2000 was the peak of human civilization, amirite?

My reasons:
Cold war just ended
War on terror hadn't yet begun
Relatively strong economy
No bush yet

You have more respect for anonymous posters when they come up with a clever fake name, amirite?


this site will never get 500,000 posts, amirite?
@Deathbubble What

he means that by saying the site won't hit 500000 as #500000. its meant to be clever, but its also kinda a fail

People who DO live in places containing snow: you are over the whole "magical snowy Christmas" thing and would like to celebrate it in a warm place to see how the other people feel, amirite?

I lived in the UP of Michigan my whole life and live in India now, Christmas is not Christmas without snow.

Yo mama's so fat, the Sorting Hat assigned her to the House of Pancakes, amirite?
Since cows are considered sacred in India, a
Chik-fil-a franchise would do very well over there, amirite?

Actually, there's KFC and its HUGE

When you run out of toilet paper, you use your hand, amirite?
@iknowimrite OH MY GOD that's happened to me too. it's gotta be one of the most embarassing things ever. that's why in america... indian, and it appears to me that they use water there, which is more hygenic and environmentally friendly, so please learn your facts before you bash a country of a billion people. Thanks

when you actually think about what forever means its scary, amirite?

Especially when you think about death.

Tracy; it's a mans name. amirite?

No one got it :/

How do you execute a fictional character? By nailing him to a cross. amirite?

As a very opinionated atheist, I can't comprehend how Christianity would be so powerful if it didn't have a central figure creating and guiding its theology. Considering religious attitudes at the time, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that he would be crucified for threatening the Romans.

It's a wonder that smoking is even legal, I mean, all it's doing is slowly killing you and everyone around you, amirite?

yeah, and marijuana does neither ands its illegal. go figure....

Psychics: amirite?

Shortest POTD ever

It is fine to make fun of Amish people on the internet, amirite?
In Soviet Russia in 1931 the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was demolished... you were expecting a joke, amirite?

In Soviet Russia, joke expects YOU!!!!!!!!!!

"How DARE you say the word rape!? That's insensitive to victims of sexual assault!" "INSENSITIVE?! DON'T YOU EVER USE THAT WORD! IT'S OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE SENSES!" It's never gonna stop, amirite?