Combodia is the only round country in South East Asia. amirite?
For monarchies, matriarchy actually seems more practical. amirite?

The Scots did use a Matriarchial system up until around 1000 A.D. The High King called Ard Righ was chosen from the Seven Regional Kings called Thains or Earls. A man could only be an Earl if his mother was of Royal birth. A Child couldnt be ellected to either Earl or Ard Righ as they hadnt reached maturity to lead men in battle. Though the age of maturity was younger than our current 18 at around 12-15.

Luke staring off at the horizon on Tatooine would have been deeper if he had a brother instead of a sister, amirite?
When you donate just the right amount of blood, an erection could kill you, amirite?

Nah. Its approx 4 shot glasses worth of blood that's required for an erection. You'd be on a death bed already and simply pass out. Lose erection and come back. .....would be an interesting seesaw though..

Cows rely on humans to eat them to keep from going extinct. amirite?

I am perfectly ok with this.

The voice in our head is always at the same volume, it's impossible to scream in our head. amirite?

Jokes on you, the voices in my head are always screaming.

Some people masturbate more than they brush their teeth. amirite?
@LookAnAltAccount Ahhh the negotiator

Where did he learn to negotiate like that?

Our nose tricks us into thinking we smell better than we actually do, amirite?

Can't say the same for me

The story of John Henry is a horrifying story about a man working himself to death when his boss wanted to replace him with a machine. amirite?

A lot of American tall tales embrace some terrible concepts. Mike Fink floated down rivers taking potshots at native Americans just because.

A skylight is the only kind of window designed not to be looked through. amirite?
@freq432 Stained glass.

Shoulda specified-designed to let all light through, though even that's a little nitpicky

Horror films that don't use music are the scariest, amirite?

No they're not. It's the sounds that make people uncomfortable.

The experience of reheating and eating leftovers must date back hundreds, if not thousands of years, amirite?

The moment humans discovered fire? They discovered leftovers.

If other species of humans still existed, species-ism would have probably been a thing. amirite?
The easier it is go to down something, the harder it is to go up it. amirite?

Ever hiked into the Grand Canyon? Learned this the hard way when I was young.

Debates are pointless, they don't change anybody's mind and the people just get entrenched in the view they had in the first place. amirite?

There are only few open minded people who will change their position, but I agree with you.

Debates, in this days, are for the memes.