About me.

Hey! My names kaylee,
Hate Obama with all my heart. Big ass mistake America
I play volleyball , tennis And used to be a dancer.
I'm 15 yeArs old
I'm a very proud believer in Christ
My favorite snack is baby carrots and ranch, I could eat them ALL day!
You will never find someone whose LESS of a hipster than me, it's not that I like things BECAUSE they're popular, I just happen to like those things
Especially in music ( top 100 FTW)
Single, straight, REALLY like guys.
Im really nice , until you insult someone I love or a really close friend,
In that case you better just hide.
I don't drink , smoke, or engage in... Ya know... THOSE activities:)
I'm really easy to talk to, but I'm extremely good at arguing and will do absolutely anything in my power to always have the last word.
Im an actress and loveeeee theatre and singing and aspire to be Glenda on broadwAy ( wicked) when I'm older
Kristin Chenoweth is my idol
I'm going to live in new York city when I turn 20,
I'm happiest in December when it's snowing and everyones in the Christmas spirit ( I really love people around christmas)
Well this is getting pretty random and I'm running out of crap to say.
Oh yeah and I'm the whitest girl you'll ever meet and couldn't dance to save my life , unless you ask me to douggie , in which case I'm basically black:)
Well anyways ! Message me! follow me, I'll follow you
Peace out home skillets!
Seeeee ... White as a saltine cracker.