About me.

Well, hello internet.
Here's a little bit about me.

I like to sing(badly)
I like to dance(alright-ly)
If you don't know the difference between your and you're, please find out soon
I dislike the words "Hater", "legit" and "Epic", but that's just me. :]
I over-excessively use smileys.
I like alternative rock.
ATM. I am in my pajamas sitting ona sweater with a crumpled piece of paper w/ math equations on it and a Dsi to the right of me.
I want 6 tattoos when im older
I joined Monday the 7th, 2011 and 8:00p.m.
I might have died w/o
I went from a 15% to an 88% in 3 days in my Business class
I am right handed
I have an 180lbs dog
I'd rather read FMLs than LGMH
I like photography and taking pictures, but I hate those cliches girls who are all like "OMG LOOK I JUST TOOK A PICTURE CLOSEUP OF ANY RANDOM OBJECT AND NOW THINK THAT I SHOULD TOTALLY BE A PHOTOGRAPHER, LIKE AREN'T I AMAZING"
I dispise Tests on Principles of Mathematics
I adore Horror Movies
I hate that feeling i get when i forget to floss
I really hope that someone somewhere is actually reading this
I hope that i have surprised you or have made you smile during this
I have Tumblr...and don't really know how to use it
I'm a massive flirt but danno when i'm flirting and when i'm not
Tongues scare me....a lot.
I hope to master the artform of creating a bunny with the Keyboard Icons
I love seafood
I used to have a tamagotchi when I was little, and I ahd one last week.
I'm Canadian (eh)
For my electives next year I am taking: Art, Gym, and Spanish
I really want to learn Arabic when i'm older
I also want to leanr how to fly on the trapeze
I really want to meet Johnny Knoxville
I used to have a crush on the character from Mulan
I have actually been thinking about getting my tongue pierced, even though I hate tongues
I hade a retainer for 1 year, braces for 3, another retainer for 2 years, and was susposed to wear another retainer because the dentists screwed up but I don't.
I have a weeworld account. Yeah, that's right
I ahve mispelt "have" like "ahve" about 4 times already and have been fixing them for your benefit. :)
^^^^^ you see?
I really hope to visit the playboy mansion one day. is on my favourites link-box
I hope you all have a wonderful day today.
Oh, and I am only 5 feet.
I will try my hardest to not "No Way" a comment. :)

Even though Heath Ledger was the bad guy in The Dark Knight, you still wish that he hadn’t been beaten by Batman. amirite?<

was posted by me anonymously
and i had to spellcheck that word (anonymously)