About me.

Hello, my username refers to the fact that I have trouble making commitments, and often go along believing things that people tell me, without confirming if they are true or not. I suppose you could call me naive or, possibly just lazy, which I'm ashamed to admit, I would probably prefer to be. I don't hate myself, but I am frustrated with the actions I do or the words I say, and long after everyone else has forgotten about it. I just can't let the past go and eventually it consumes me. I look like a typical nerd that a Disney Channel comedy writer would write If they half-assed everything. When I was younger I thought that I was really smart and hardworking. Turned out things get harder as life goes on. Who knew. I am a Muslim and a strong adherent of my religion, but I will not insult your religion, or views, and shove mine down your throat. I hate arguing/debating and honestly I'm just not good at it. Although, sometimes the heat of the moment takes me and I say things I regret. Let me tell you when I'm clear headed and not enraged, I'm not an ignorant, or hateful person. I'm also not racist, but I could at times be stereotypical. There is a difference, I promise. I'm not a trustworthy person to people I don't know, but once you prove yourself to me I am extremely loyal. I am self-conscious and have succumbed to peer pressure numerous times. This does not make me proud. My dream job would be an author, in reality I think I am going to either try my best to become an architect, or lawyer, or possibly go into business. I am the opposite of my parents in the fact that I hate plans, I like not knowing, and just, for lack of a better word, winging it. But, I respect my parents wishes and go along with their comforting plans. I have been on Amirite for a little under a year, although I am just making an account now. I have thought of cutting before, but I realized that their was nothing wrong with my life and people have it a lot worse than me. It made me feel like an attention whore. I will not tell you any of my favorites because I hope those will become relevant through my posts. I am In high school. This has been more for me to get my life down in a single place, than for you to know about me, and for misusing the "About Me" section I apologize.