"How does one solider killing another soldier solve anything" Calvin and Hobbes

I suppose it could depend on how highly each side values their soldiers and what they're fighting for. I'm not in support of war but it really is dependant on the leaders, we can try and change their minds or over throw them but it is ultimately the person of influence that decides whether killing solves anything in their point of view. In mine, it's a hard subject to have a clear opinion or sometimes. I don't think killing each other solves much other than one side dominating the other. It'd be better if everything could be resolved through actual conversation, if everyone would only be open and willing that is.

Women-Is there a way one can improve the status of the Muslim women in Islamic countries? Their value, equal treatment, & respect of opinion

I think the entire culture and religion would have to be turned on its head. It wouldn't be easy, like western culture trying to change to major part of society, it'd be mostly going against the tide but not impossible.

What if we could put information or skills right in to the human body? Sort of Matrix style, that is my goal.

It would dramatically devalue education and time spent learning skills. We would have an entirely different life style as we'd be skipping a huge step in how we live today. It's a rough question to get a concrete answer to but a very interesting one.

How would our society be different today if women were always able to biologically control their fertility?

Women would have more power and influence because they literally would control the worlds future generations. They would not longer just be a 9 month incubator and every women would have COMPLETE control over reproduction. Less products of rape and accidental pregnancy. We would know that every child born was intended to be so. We'd have less crime and social trouble as was proved by the results of the legalisation of abortions in the US, 20 years after they youth crime rates dramatically fell because the unplanned children were never born into unstable or poor households. It's a sad fact but true.

WHO has instilled, in every one of us-the inward of our very beings, the very notion/conception of RIGHT & WRONG?

Community, society. Who knows how if first came around but it has been passed down through every generation. The ideas may differ but everyone has a concept of right and wrong, we all just won't agree with which is truly RIGHT OR WRONG.

If women are "just as strong as men", like feminists say, then why is it that we can abuse you women so easily? Amirite?

It's because men are naturally dominant and controlling and unfortunately most women seems to avoid conflict and try to keep peace so these traits do naturally lead to one gender mentally and physically over power the other.

You would want Victoria Stilwell from It's Me or the Dog to come train your dog, but you don't want her to yell at you every thing that you are doing wrong, amirite?

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that woman, I wouldn't know what to do. I don't agree with her methods but I wouldn't be saying much in fear that she'd verbally attack me. I MUCH prefer Cesar Millan because he trains the dogs and people WITHOUT getting all up in their face like Victoria. That's my main issue with her, she gives out and starts arguments with the clients and I know it's not nessesary from watching Cesar, he just explains and explains again when the person gets it wrong. He doesn't give out or start arguements. Plus his methods make a whole lot more sense than Victoria strickly 'positive reinforcement' only approach. It's like only giving a kid a cookie when they're good and never telling them to stop hitting their brother because it'd be 'punitive and cruel'.

After watching the 'It's Me or the Dog' marathon, you find yourself talking like Victoria Stillwell, amirite?

I don't like the way she talks to the clients, I've seen her get into arguments too many times. I also think her strictly 'positive reinforcement' only methods are a little lacking with most of the cases but she does has a few good points.

The Dog Whisperer is the worst show ever. Just taze the dogs and they won't control your life anymore! amirite?

You're making a joke right... ok :)

even though you don't own a dog, you watch Dog Whisperer religiously, amirite?

WHAT?! so may disagree... I've watched for two years and still don't have a dog, though wish I did :(

Innovation - More worthy than fighting poverty?

Innovation WILL fight poverty if that's what we're going for.

You('ve) watch(ed) Shaycarl, shaytards,. kassemg, lisanova, shayne dawson, etc. on YouTube, amirite?


Sooo, you are now watching the shaytards vlog just sit back, relax follow along. You know what I'm talking about, amirite?

..to the things Shay says, to the things Shay does with his cool family and just because he put his life online for you. He's done it for a year, lets hope for two. I'm ready for a video so let it be clear, HEY! he's vlogging here! Only the true Shaytard Rebellionites agreed with this :D

You know you are super bored if you are watching the Shaytards on YouTube, amirite?

If you're only watching the Shaytards when your bored then they don't mean that much to you. There are a large group of people, myself included that have watched EVERY video and are excited for each new one. If you enjoy watching their videos when your bored that's grand, I just hope you become less bored watching them :)

The Vampire Diaries is NOT a ripoff of Twilight, it was actually written first, amirite?

Twilight... no. Vampire Diaries YES! The books are a lot older then Twilight. Twilight seems to be a rip off or accumulation of nearly every vampire story written before it.