wait... women hate sex? since when?

If you want to celebrate christmas, go to Christmas Island. If you want to celebrate easter, go to Easter Island. If you want to celebrate virginity, go to Norfolk Island, amirite?
@Simon I don't get it ... sorry for asking you to explain the joke, but is there some pun or something I'm not...

You probably speak much more articulately, but if spoken quickly Norfolk sounds like No-Fuck. Hence the celebration of virginity.

... an actorist? really?

If a man and a woman honestly only had sex once they were married, and only with each other, and remained faithful, there would be a lot less problems in this world. amirite?

What about gay marriage? Two people who love and are committed to each other who aren't allowed to marry in some contries.

You don't spend time with your significant other for their company, you spend time with them because you want to fuck, amirite?
No amazingly cute gay couple, I am NOT a homophobe. I don't like PDA no matter what sexual orientation so you don't have to yell at me about a look I made while passing through. amirite?

Maybe consider that gay couples are constantly on the defensive because typically the looks which are given are in disapproval of the lifestyle not the PDA.

Just because I use the words "faggot", "gay", "fag", "queer", etc etc. doesn't automatically make me a Homophobe. Now back off and quit assuming shit BEFORE knowing your facts. amirite?

Just because you are bi doesn't mean you have the liberty to use these hurtful terms, you can still offend. Also if you are saying them as a queer person you make it okay for others to, calling everything disagreeable "gay" or casually calling your friend a "fag" is degrading you and other homosexuals.

This can be the only explanation: Someone: "I bet no one can pretend to be gay for a lifetime!" Neil Patrick Harris: "Challenge accepted!", amirite?

More like: "No gay man could ever brilliantly portray a womanizer!" Neil Patrick Harris "challenge accepted".

Girls: sex can still feed good without having an orgasm, amirite?

Of course sex feels good, the orgasm is the satisfaction.

It's OK if a girl doesn't shave any part of her body, amirite?

How is it reasonable to expect others to shave their body simply because you can't handle a stray from your perfectly "normal" "good-looking" female?

taxidermy should be illegal, amirite?

What if somebody's treasured pet of many years who was well loved and cared for suddenly passes away and they wish to visit a taxidermist? I'm not agreeing one way or the other - just curious as to your thoughts.

Taking large facial piercing(s) out for professional team pictures. That's a reasonable request, amirite?

Depends on the profession...

They really underplayed Tonks' character in the Harry Potter movies, amirite?

They underplayed many characters in the Harry Potter movies that were significant in the books...

it's a learned skill...

Guys: Porn taught you everything you need to know about sex, amirite?