Humans with their limited abilities can never understand the true nature of the Universe

I love you... so much right now...

It sucks when you lose your stuff at school like your pencils, pens and your life ambitions, amirite?

No offense, anon, but I really don't care. I was a bitch in 7th grade, but that girl was even worse, so I'm actually glad I played dirty like her. And to be fair, she started it. Not the most mature answer in the world, but, again, it was 7th grade - how many mature 7th graders have you known in your lifetime?

You want nothing more than to move out of your parents' house, amirite?

I used to be that way, but as I got older and took a nice hard look at the world around me, I realized I'm lucky to have parents who didn't kick me out the second I turned eighteen. Living on my own will be fantastic when it happens, but until I'm ready to actually take that step, I'm fine with my parents. I think I'm probably going to be living with them for at least two to six more years - which I'm fine with. Once I can afford to live on my own, though - once I graduate college, get a good job, get a sugar daddy or whatever path I wind up taking - I'll move out and start acting like a semi-adult. But until then, my parents are pretty awesome, so why mess with a good thing?

If your crush read your mind, you wonder if that would give them a new perspective and want to be with you, or if they'd never talk to you again.

Whenever I'm around my crush, my thoughts range anywhere from, "He looks really hot with his hair like that," to "Shit, the things I would do to you with a few feet of rope and an hour alone..." So it's anybody's guess, really, what they would think or do...

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.
@James Hi there, POTD are only selected through the suggestion area. Anyone can suggest any POTD. Please also don't...

You said that already. And how, pray tell, does it discredit the OP? Not trying to be a smart-ass - though it is in my nature - just wondering. Just because something is a horrible POTD doesn't mean it's a horrible post altogether. So I don't see how it, in any way, discredits the OP. Last I checked, this was a site for expressing opinions, so dissuading us from expressing our opinions is not exactly a good marketing strategy for you guys - just saying.

A messy bed isn't worth over $200,000.
@Kira It's a full sized bed which has been stained with some rather nasty things (I certainly wouldn't want to sleep in...

Ew, I wouldn't sleep in that bed, either. Thanks for the link, but I still can't believe someone would pay good money for that.

A messy bed isn't worth over $200,000.
@Kira Seriously. It was on exhibition in the Tate Gallery in London and ultimately was bought by Charles Saatchi for...

Personally I like my art to look like art. I just don't understand people sometimes... Is it like a full size bed that a person could, hypothetically, sleep in or a model or what?

A messy bed isn't worth over $200,000.

Seriously? Someone would pay that much for a messy bed? How is that art?! I could set my dogs loose in my room unattended for five minutes and achieve the same thing for free. Oy, people can be so stupid sometimes...

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.
@James Hi Guys - if you want to suggest good POTD we can take a look at them. All POTD's are selected by looking at your...

So you're saying people actually suggested this and the other recent POTDs for POTD? No offense guy, but either you're lying or we have some traitors among us...

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.
When you look at the up and coming generation of kids you can't help but compare yourself at that age to them and wonder if you were that spoilt amirite?

As annoying as I was when I was ten, I was no where near as spoiled as some of these kids are today. Not trying to be one of those people who totally put down the younger generation, just telling the truth. My siblings all have different and sometimes more important needs than I do/did, though, so that may have something to do with it.

Every girl wants to date batman, but every girl wants a superman in bed.. (;

The winky-face at the end makes you seem like a pervert.

Adele:There's a fire starting in my heart! Me: well they have antacids for that, amirite?

Dude, just... No.

You're glad Twilight is over.

Oh come now, don't be so hard on yourself! I'm sure you, of all people, could.

It's pretty weird to think that at some point, when we talked to someone we never saw again, we could have been talking to a serial killer, amirite?

Great, now every time I talk to someone the first thing that's gonna come to my mind is, "Is this person a serial killer?" which will, of course, lead to, "Are they going to stalk me? Are they going to follow me home, watch me through my windows and then try to serial kill me? What if they get into my house, pull a gun on me and tell me they're going to kill me unless I do the hokey pokey? WHAT IF I DON'T REMEMBER THE WORDS?! I'll be dead then, all because I couldn't remember the words to some stupid song and dance I learned when I was four!" It's not like I ever need to pay attention when people are talking to me anymore anyway...