About me.

Shut your mouth, you dirty slut. You know you want it in your butt.

Hello. My name is Anaijah. I\'m 14, and I live in the U.S. I\'m currently a freshman in high school.

Likes: Fruit, candy, black >:D, texting, meeting new people (so message me :D), Eminem (I listened to him a lot while I was younger because my dad played it a lot), Nirvana, alternative, some rock, and some pop. My favorite t.v show is Degrassi :D. I also enjoy If You Really Knew Me, World of Jenks, and yes, Jersey Shore :-X. Ah, and Family Guy!

Dislikes: Bright colours, Justin Bieber, rap music (excluding Eminem), loud, obnoxious people, being bothered :O, ghetto people (I guess that lands under loud and obnoxious), bullies andddd other stuff that I\'m too lazy to put.

When I\'m older, I would like to be a veterinarian and a part-time writer. I enjoy writing poems and stories very much. Ask if you\'d like to read one/some (: IMO, I\'m friendly and nice when you get to know me. I know most people see kids my age to be annoying and immature, but I try my best not to be.

Thanks for taking the time to read that! (: if you want, leave me a message. I\'ll reply. Peace out home dizawgs!

*\"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.\" - Helen Keller.

I am the girl with the bangs in my picture.