School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

as a student I agree

More light helps you see better, but only to a certain point. amirite?

Then it blinds you

People will blindly pay $1000 for a smart phone but would never buy a pc for half the price and better specs. amirite?

PC's are becoming antiquated.

People always talk about spooning when cuddling and who is the little spoon and who is the big spoon when in fact a big and little spoon would not fit well together at all - only same size spoons would, amirite?

Huh, but I have bigger and smaller spoons and the smaller spoon does fit with the bigger it just has to be scooted up

Putting vitamins into gummies for kids is the same as hiding medicine in peanut butter for dogs. amirite?

I put my duck in peanut butter

You go through at least two dentists in your lifetime, amirite?
Sometimes life throws you Poptarts; p o p t a r t, amirite?
Ironically burning your house down is not an effective way to delete the browser history, amirite?
In some point in history someone decided that if you don't answer the phone in 20 seconds is likely that you won't answer at all. amirite?

I mean. 20 seconds seems short but feels like an eternity if your phone is ringing and you don't want to answer it lol

The Baby of a Vegan can't be Vegan as the breast milk it drinks comes from an Animal. They also can't formula feed as there is no Vegan formula. amirite?
Chances are high that you love listening to your favourite music again and again but don't love watching your favourite movie more than once. amirite?

I started collecting as soon as vhs came out. Then replaced them with DVD then BluRay and now 4k I watch them every night... currently watching Warehouse 13 again.

Also I DO in fact listen to music I like over and over

Given all his combat training, Keanu Reeves might actually be a valuable asset in an insurrection. amirite?
Every picture of the Milky Way from the front/outside is totally fake. amirite?

If you just think about it with a bit general knowledge you'd know this man speaks the truth.

Given all his combat training, Keanu Reeves might actually be a valuable asset in an insurrection. amirite?

Shooting at a range isn't really the same as training.

If he was constantly doing force on force with simmunitions maybe.

Waking up at 7:58 AM seems early but waking up at 8:02 AM feels perfectly normal. amirite?

I have to wake up at 6:30 wtf