The probability of your cat accidentally harming or probably killing you is more than that of a dog. amirite?


At work nobody complains when you come too early, amirite?

Unless you're a pornstar.

There's a word for people who lie (liar), but not for people who tell the truth, amirite?

There is no word because it is assumed that regular people tell the truth - so only the opposite requires a "name"

"Think before your speak" is mentally impractical and exhausting, amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl But how much thinking is suitable? Because you go over 5-10 seconds those silences start getting weird.

If only guys like Einstein and the Wright brothers and Steve Wozniak had had such sage advice.

Weird for whom?

People refer to computers as pc's, yet most computers are not portable. amirite?
No matter how many cities and buildings are constructed, the Earth does not get any lighter. amirite?

Cities and, but think of all the stuff we sent into orbit and around our solar system and further. Not much lighter but just a bit lighter.

The voice in our head is always at the same volume, it's impossible to scream in our head. amirite?

There's no way to prove it but my inner voice can change volume.

Especially if I do a rendition of some song. Queen shifted their volume a lot, try that.

So many people are dying to meet Death. amirite?

Listen here, you little-

There is a tiny chance that you've had a cancer cell somewhere on your body, that was killed in a small injury like a papercut, saving your life without you knowing, amirite?

It's also possible that people completely immune to cancer exist. We'd have no way of knowing it

She couldn't have chosen a worse place to sell seashells. amirite?
It's not until you start buying groceries that you realize how expensive fast food is. amirite?
The majority of people use WiFi almost constantly, but most of them don't even know what WiFi stands for. amirite?

Wireless Internet From Internet 😎
i'm 99% sure for the first 2 words

Unless you're fully naked, the laundry is never done. amirite?

Welp. Laundry's done. ;)

Snow White probably had sex with one of the dwarves, considering there seven men, and one lady. amirite?

There's no reason to assume the dwarves were straight

The feeling of satisfaction from a full tank of gas is very similar to an empty kitchen garbage can. amirite?

But in Back to the Future a full kitchen trash can can be a full tank of gas.