The only reason grocery stores run out of essential items is because people are afraid that grocery stores will run out of essential items. amirite?
"Think before your speak" is mentally impractical and exhausting, amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl But how much thinking is suitable? Because you go over 5-10 seconds those silences start getting weird.

If only guys like Einstein and the Wright brothers and Steve Wozniak had had such sage advice.

Weird for whom?

The Baby of a Vegan can't be Vegan as the breast milk it drinks comes from an Animal. They also can't formula feed as there is no Vegan formula. amirite?
"Fine" is a euphemism for someone saying they're having a bad day, amirite?

Freaked out




The kindest people on Earth are fast food workers who slip in extra nuggets, amirite?
@Robisrael I imagine there are people that do the same with the meat patties in burgers but I have never heard of or seen one.

I get burgers from the taco place down the road. I sometimes get a double when I order a normal burger. Like 20% of the time.

The kindest people on Earth are fast food workers who slip in extra nuggets, amirite?

I prefer extra nuggets from my cannabis dispensary.

We live in a generation of emotionally weak men and emotionally confused women. amirite?

this person thinks they "live" lol.

Everybody knows the pain of a Razor scooter hitting your ankle bone. amirite?
There is no middle ground with a moustache, you either look really cool, or really creepy. amirite?

Retired military, and the mustache grooming regulations very stringent....could not pass the lip line, or the corner of your mouth. So basically, if your mustache was in regulation, you looked like John Waters. If it looked good, you were out of regulation

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

as a student I agree

When you die, nothing changes. amirite?

Just like before you were born; absolute peace.

A bar tenders job is to poison people, amirite?
@BigMemer I've never had or seen them do that outside of movies, then again most the bars I've been to were in Chyna

Let me rephrase that: AMERICAN bartenders! I don't think you'll see any of that in China

The first people to let ice melt and then drink it, realizing it was the same thing as water, were probably blown away. amirite?

Ice is captured water

When all cars go electric, the saying "step on the gas" will no longer apply, amirite?
@Kionix Instead we'll just be saying "energize"

I was thinking "step on the battery"... or screaming "go joe!!!"

So many people are dying to meet Death. amirite?

Listen here, you little-