Thinking about 2 legends from different music genres who can hold their weight in pills. Who could do the most hard drugs and still be standing? Ozzy Osbourne or Lil Wayne, amirite?
@Longsanks But who can go harder than Keith Richards?🤔

Maybe Betty White. Maybe. But that's a tough call. I think that's the end of that list, though.

The last person on earth wouldn't even be aware they were the last, unless they traveled to every corner of the world and found no one else. They would always be thinking there was someone else somewhere. amirite?
We aren't scared of when we're going to die, we're scared of how we are going to die, amirite?

I'm scared of when I'm going to die. Not how. I have children.

Nobody is of any importance. amirite?
Freezer section items can have snot on them, amirite?
@ChootEmChootEm Are you saying non-frozen items can't get snot on them?

they for sure can, it's just that if you're in the cold you're more likely to get a runny nose

Squeaky doors are good for sneaky kids, amirite?

Dogs. You need a yappy dog

We never saw Timmy turner wish for a bigger Richard. That's how we know he was packing, amirite?
If chameleons can swim would you be able to see them, amirite?
@Mytokhondria The fact that we know chameleons exist shows that they're useless, pathetic failures

Say that to prey that fall for their trap each and every day. If they wanted to eat you, they would better disguise themselves.

Realizing that birthdays are celebrated but when it happens we get closer to death, amirite?

Every day takes you closer to your death.

Dating someone is trying a product before you buy it. Divorce is returning a product you don't like. amirite?
Dogs were once an exotic pet. amirite?
One day, the Harry Potter series will be remade and we'll hate it, amirite?
@itsskyway Well a lot of people like it

A lot of party members like failed, half-assed D&D campaigns.

You can't move your penis without blinking your butthole, amirite?

Buttholes don't blink, they pucker


"Fine" is a euphemism for someone saying they're having a bad day, amirite?

Freaked out




With the availability of assisted reproductive techniques, there have been far more virgin births in recent decades than in the millenia before, amirite?
@Most unlikely. Such processes are rarely started until two years of attempting to conceive naturally.

Sure, but there are causes that make it obvious that women are infertile and need IVF even without trying to conceive. In these cases, depending on the clinic, women may be able to get IVF with donor sperm even if they have never had a partner. Depending on your definition of virginity, the same can hold for lesbian couples.

Also keep in mind that, even if it is still rare currently, the number of virgin births in history before has been extremely low. Most people (depending on religion) believe there has been only one or none at all. Not sure if there have been turkey baster pregnancies in virgin women before though, that does seem a possibility though again likely extremely rare.