Sometimes life throws you Poptarts; p o p t a r t, amirite?
All ancient prophets could have been schizophrenic. amirite?

Probably bipolar. Mania often includes hyperreligiosity, being on a mission from god, etc.

Unicorns are always horny and so are dolphins. What about Dolf Lundgren. amirite?

It's time to put down the blunt

No food tastes better at lukewarm temp, amirite?

Except for freshly baked bread

We pay actors thousands to act homeless, yet we don't do that for the real homeless. amirite?

No we pay actors to entertain us

The last person on earth wouldn't even be aware they were the last, unless they traveled to every corner of the world and found no one else. They would always be thinking there was someone else somewhere. amirite?
The elephant is way bigger than even the biggest birds. If the blue whale is the biggest creature that can "fly" through water, who knows what walks around on the ocean floor. amirite?
We aren't scared of when we're going to die, we're scared of how we are going to die, amirite?

I'm scared of when I'm going to die. Not how. I have children.

When we are rating something out of 10, we somehow think 7 as the average, amirite?
Squeaky doors are good for sneaky kids, amirite?

Dogs. You need a yappy dog

Dating someone is trying a product before you buy it. Divorce is returning a product you don't like. amirite?
Considering how old the statement, "thank you, Captain Obvious" is, it's a wonder how no compant capitalized on making "Captain Obvious" a character until did. amirite?

What's a 'compant'?