You are an amazing person, amirite?
@TheRepublicunt Lol, you still call things "gay" as an insult? I hope your family gets cancer, redneck. Ahem, YUH GAY PPL...

If you think war is so great, go join the army and have fun getting shot at and, hopefully, killed.

Having your favorite musicians as friends would be the coolest thing ever, amirite?

Dude I actually know one of my favorite musicians-peter Bach from the Basix. I met him at the UW festival of voices

The ladies want us to get them. They want us to understand their way of thinking. They want us to see their point of view. From the kitchen window. amirite?
You are an amazing person, amirite?
All of the Beatles' songs are either about deep, inspirational messages about how we can make things better... Or drugs, amirite?
It's kind of ironic that I got my girlfriend pregnant on my pull-out couch, amirite?
@Inmate_24601 You should, he has some HILARIOUS shit out there.

Thank you so much for giving credit to Bo burnham. So many idiots on here try to pass off quotes from him as their own.

You are an amazing person, amirite?


I had dinner at Lady Gaga's house last night. The salad was fine but the dressing was a little bit weird, amirite?
The beatles were right to split up, amirite?

Dude, fuck you. The beatles were one of the most inspireing bands ever, and they had better music than most bands today, and they managed to do that without getting sent to jail and singing about beating women.

You're not cool if you don't go trick or treating on Halloween, amirite?

I couldn't cause I had surgery the day before. But it was cool. Think about it - perscription painkillers and all the Halloween shit too? It was sweet.

Youhave no idea who the BaSix are, amirite?
Like, why do teenage girls always like say like? Like, amirite?

Ok, that was kinda clever.

"I hate juice"
"adolf, just drink your juice"
"no. I want the juice out of this household, out of this country. "
"what do you want me to do, seperate it by flavor, by concentration?"
"concentration? Hmm", amirite?
@Bo Burnham! FTW

Hell yeah dude, he's awesome.

I don't hate Robert pattinson i hate Edward Cullen,I don't hate Taylor lautner I hate Jacob black, I don't kristen Stewart I hate...oh wait I do hate her she's a horrible actor, amirite?
I swear when I find you Anne Frank... amirite?

Do u hate juice? Do u want the juice out of this country? Shoul we seperate the juice by flavor or concentration?