Older generations built fireplace mantles not knowing they'd often be used to hold a flatscreen televisions, amirite?

Has anyone else seen the pic of the people mounting a tv to a mantle but the mantle falls cos it wasnt a real one. Only cosmetic.

Your exact personality, looks and nuances are someone's dream life partner out there, you most likely might just never meet them. amirite?
Elderly drivers are more dangerous on the road than a majority of the drunk drivers that are out there. amirite?

Nope... Drunk drivers cause just under double deaths than elderly, although, it does seem like elders need to be tested often tbh, just for safety. Not more dangerous, but yeah, def dangerous.

We are the next fossil fuel. amirite?

You know that the story they tell us in grade school about oil being from dinosaurs isn't scientifically correct, right?

Chickens have breasts even though they don't produce milk. amirite!

Pork butt is actually it's shoulder. Don't think about it too much. It won't make any sense

Teachers were probably as excited as the kids were when the TV came out instead of a lesson. amirite?
All of us are eskimo brothers except you because we all did your mom. amirite?

My mums been dead 12 years

Each one of us is the fruit of an education provided by parents who have never been trained to educate. amirite?

Guess teachers either dont have kids or aren't trained to educate

Couples who have 4 kids instead of 3 to prevent a "middle" child are actually creating 2 "middle" children. amirite?

Do couples actually do this?

People forget that they are in the same generation as millennials.. they made it, amirite?

Can't stress this enough

Since all of us start brushing our teeth from the same side of the mouth every single day!! That side gets the fresh, right off the brush toothpaste and the other one has to do with used and kind of second hand paste. Such Discrimination. amirite?
The sincerest form of betrayal is ordering French fries and receiving sweet potato fries. amirite

You mean ordering a chocolate chip cookie and getting oatmeal raisin instead.

Stars make light.... and human beings... amirite?

Stars make everything.

When you pick out the cashews from the mixed nuts you're stealing from future you. amirite?
@moisawesome how so

You've left future you with only gross Filbert's and horrific climate change

Bigfoot probably has a really big dong, amirite?