About me.

Uhmm well what can I say?
My name is Maryam...But you can call me Jelly(:
I'm 16, Im a Junior,,
Im from SoCall smilie
I live in the desert and yes that sucks :/
I love music and I love reading..
I read BOTH the Twilight books and Harry Potter books and yeah..I actually liked the Twilight books.
I speak both English and Spanish and a lil' bit of Italian
For some reason I have this HUGE crush on Zukko from Avatar: The last airbender and PeterPan(:
I hate spiders so so SO much.
Does it make me cooler if I told you I went to the Big Four? (:
Hmmm...What else what else what elsee...
Ehhhh,,I dont know..I'll add some stuff later..

Go ahead, Stalk all you want.