Nerdy cows go μ, amirite?
Nobody really knows why there's that black spot on the back of an iPod touch, amirite?

I thought it was the microphone

You freaked out when you realized you wouldn't be able to write your essay because Wikipedia was blocked. Then you realized you may have to face an eternity of unwritten essays, amirite?
When you roll a die, the outcome is predetermined by the intricacies of physics, it's just that nobody can have any idea what that outcome will be.

"Just so you know Jeff, you're not creating six different timelines"
"Of course I am Abed."

Why have politics become a popularity contest? Shouldn't it be about who is best fit for our country?
Clever logos make you smile, amirite?

The Thing

High School Musical and Grease are very similiar. Two people meet on vacation then end up going to the same school. Their friends don't want them to be together but they break down social barriers through intense musical numbers to be with the one they supposedly "love"

Grease must have been based on High School Musical.

What if ideas are finite? There can only be so many ideas in the world. Eventually we'll have to hit an idea capacity, where every idea has been thought of, and every idea thought of after that has been thought by someone else already, amirite?
@nobody347 But everything is always changing, people's lives are so different. And so what if an idea comes more than once?...

Maybe the world is always changing in a cycle. Maybe this exact moment has happened thousands of billions of years ago.

Watching sports as you get closer to the athletes' age gets more and more depressing, because you start realizing that they had some "it" factor that you didn't have that allowed them to go pro. You aren't just watching a simple game of football, you're watching your childhood dreams die in HD, amirite?

I'm watching my childhood dreams die in shitty quality..

The guy singing "Mr. Brightside" sounds like a stalker in that song. amirite?

The Police in Every Breath You Take sounds more like a stalker to me.

Rihanna, Taio Cruz, One Direction... Where do their accents go when they sing? amirite?
Whomever said that gamers have shortened attention spans have never seen one during a boss fight, amirite?

Well then it's not rape

You wish you could choose your own natural talent, amirite?
@GiggityGoo22 Nobody would be special anymore. :)

Well, more like everybody is special in different ways.