About me.

Hello to you dear. I am Jude and surprise, I have the female genitalia down there. I am 19 years old.

During January 2011, I became the first user ever to reach 1000 posts. I dare you to read all of my posts! That would take hell of a time. But if you succeed in reading all of them, I will read all of your posts too and include you in my hall of fame. (No cheating!)

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Check the posts I made that got the most favourites!! I bet your virginity you'll laugh.

JAMI is a sweet person that everyone loves or should love. She's very nice and great to talk to.

KAT is a sweet person that everyone loves or should love. She's very nice and great to talk to. Repetitive? She's also funny and everyone says she's beautiful. You should totally stalk her.

Now a few random facts about me:

1) I don't have a penis. I check daily in case I grew one overnight.

2) I think that one of the most unappealing views is that of a person smoking. You might like it and it's your right but no seriously to me you're not cool.

3) I'm in love with the most wonderful person ever. We're gonna make babies together. I've got the user manual for that.

4) I'm a sports fan. I watch anything about sports. I've got a deep love for soccer. My favourite team is Manchester United but I strive to see beautiful play. I'm probably better talking about soccer than most guys on this website.

5) I never spell wrong unless I made a typo or my t9 is drunk.

6) If you give me 3 puppies, I'll marry you. One American Stafford, One dalmatian and One husky.

7) I probably speak more languages than you. Five of them fluently and a little of spanish.

7) I probably understand and speak french better than your teacher. If you need help with that, you can come to me (this is not an invitation to masturbate thinking of me).

8) I know there are two number 7s.

9) I'm atheist but I won't belittle what you believe in purposely.

10) I watch a lot of movies. I mean real movies. I could talk to you about cinema for hours.

11) i don't read many books but I'm writing one together with my husband.

12) I'm annoyed because of that lowercase "i" in number 11. I'm not correcting it because I'm a lazy person.

12) I've been drunk before and I don't like alcohol anymore. No, I wasn't raped. I just slept in the middle of a road.

13) My favourite band is metallica.

14) I have big boobs.

15) Uh guys? This shit doesn't stop at number 14.

16) I don't have a tattoo but I want one. No, I'm not telling you where I'm getting it.

17) Again I know there are two number 12s.

18) I'm actually very smart contrary to what my username might suggest. Also, having a high IQ doesn't mean that you're bound to become successful in life or even academically. Or even in bed hehe smilie

19) I like to match the colour of my underwear (don't ask why I put this here).

20) I'm someone's wife and he seldomly uses my account.

21) I like the colours, orange, purple, red, black and dark blue.

22) I talk a lot about sex on here but in real life I'm a pretty shy girl. I barely talk to guys openly but when I get to know someone, I link myself very deeply to them.

22) One day I'll become rich. I will then create a charity association for the welfare of children.

24) If you've read all this up to this point, you probably know I love kids. If you hurt one, I'll hunt you down and snap your neck while you're sleeping ^.^

25) I'm a good person if you get to know me.

26) Number 24 is not a joke.

27) I'm getting bored of all this now. So I'll probably stop writing this list soon.

28) The kid in my profile picture is cute. My profile picture is funny. No, don't even try to argue about that.

29) I've never seen snow and I'd kill to be able to play in it.

30) http://www.amirite.net/chat -----> This is awesome.