About me.

Ayye! I'm Isabella. I'm the insane, boycrazy yet tomboy, hungry, agressive, funny, random, steal-your-food type of chick. Please visit my website if you have time-www.inmycrazyhead.webs.com. Please don't piss me off, for I have a dino and you taste good with ketchup:)
If you have a problem with cursing(swearing, cussing, etc.) you probably don't want to talk to me.
I might snap at you and call you a bitch or a slut, don't take it personally.
I love Kfc, pedo_bear, randomness, books, txting, blood-yes, I LOVE blood.
I hate Disney Stars, girly brats, makeup, Twilight, spiders, and broccoli(YUCK ALERT).
*I don't like Harry Potter. Don't shoot me! It's just my opinion.