You wonder if Poseidon's last name is Jackson. amirite?

The gods don't have last names. Percy's mother's last name is Jackson and she didn't marry Poseidon. Interesting thought though.

Illinois is the best state in the US, (i mean we have chicago), amirite?

I think IL is the best...not that I live there or anything.

If you live in America and yo don't like hotdogs or hamburgers, you're not American, amirite?

I don't like hotdogs or hamburgers(im not vegetarian). You have to think about how vegetarians feel though.

How do the people on the Tempurpedic Bed commercials not sleep without a blanket? amirite?

Double negative.

Is it really that hard for girls to admit their fucking hot? amirite?

No, it's not hard to admit that, but girls actually think about if they sound like they're self-centered or sound stupid.

God to Walt Disney: Okay Walt. I'll let you watch Disney channel for a full day. But thats it. Walt to God after one full day of watching disney channel: Where the HELL is Mickey?! amirite?

He didn't see him in the RE-MICKS?

I'm not the only one who wonders how a mermaid would pee, amirite?
@froyocharlie or how they reproduce. live babies or eggs?

Interesting... All that would be so much easier if the top half was fish and the bottom human...

Whether we want to admit it or not, amirite does have its "celebrities" like Rocky & Pedo_bear. amirite?
Hi, Vince here, introducing the sh-amirite?

haha i think it's creative.

You've attempted to juggle once in your life. amirite?
@GiraffeBallKicking Attempted.... AND FAILED :D

Same here. I can juggle two, with a whole lotta effort. With three, I look like I'm trying to kill anyone and everyone near me. XD

How the hell do mermaids pee? amirite?

Look, I made a post with the same point earlier today. This is the 2nd duplicate and its pissing me off

"Are you a dog person or a cat person?" "I'm pretty sure I'm 100% human..." amirite?
Listening to how music has changed over the years, you have to wonder what music will be like in the future. amirite?
If your pet is old and probably about to die, when it's sleeping you check if it's alive, amirite?
@scissors121 Exactly what my family does with my cat... :(

:( My cat's old and probabaly going to die soon. When it's sleeping, I "accidentally" bump into him. I have to know my kitty's okay! lol

You whant to be a billionaire, so freakin bad, amirite?

Everyone wants to be a billionaire, but Travis McCoy was the one smart enough to write a song about it and make money! :)