About me.

Hey world!

Well Hi my name is Isabelle I am a girl (you dont say!) I live a sad and boring life :) Haha No really I have fun !

Things I hate (My favorite list :)))) )
-The world 'goofy'
-People who find burps funny
-People who flirt with everyone
-People who think they are like the prettyest thing on earth
-Ron weasley
-Sucky teachers
-Fights (physical)
-being forced to smell people example: Smell me I smell so good. me- Dude no I dont want to smell you!

  • People licking my lolipop
  • People who get mad when you dont want to give them a part of your lunch
    -People who try too hard, I mean we are at school not at your prom!
    -People who say something of mine is ugly and wear something that resembles it a week after
    -People who think that everyone is looking at them

Yeah and so on and so forth I hate many things :)

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