Hamlet = The Lion King, amirite?

Bo Burnham reference?

If someone makes a joke that is based on a racial stereotype, it does not make them racist. If someone laughs at a rape joke, it doesn't make them a rapist. If you cry because someone made a joke that was offensive to you, it does not make you a hero or a moral crusader. Let people laugh at whatever they want to, you can't say you fully understand something if you can't see the humour in it. If you want to make the world a better place then fucking find something WORTH criticizing, amirite?
It's awkward when your'e running late, and the second you start thinking you just might be on time, the light turns red, amirite?

Story of my life! Argh!

Ignoring the brain damage you would probably get, a laser toothbrush would be awesome. amirite?

Lol nothing wrong with the English here! If that's what you're getting at??

The first thing you do when you're lost is turn down the volume of the radio, amirite?

Or if you're searching for a carpark

If anyone ever tries to tell you that "sorry" is one of the hardest words to say, tell them to pick up a bottle of diet coke and try to pronounce phenylalanine, amirite?
@lucyjoan How about the element Molybdenum? Where in any language do you see the letters "LYBD" consecutively? (I know...

Point taken! And agreed, the whole word just looks like, "where the fuck do I even start speaking!"

You don't actually sneeze a lot when you have a cold, amirite?

Movies make people who are sick look so much worse off than what they actually are. Stop hollywoodising real life situations!

It's even worse when you only realize it after you have eaten something with your hands and you taste the soap

J K Rowling should write a prequel of Harry Potter for when James and Lily were at Hogwarts, amirite?

Then she would be seriously selling out. Leave it as it is I reckon.

It's funny how women like when men pay for their meal on dates but they hate how men get paid more, amirite?

I believe the term is post feminism

Sometimes the best thing about a nice meal or dessert is the anticipation, amirite?
@Tape It's because you've felt the pain and rejection that comes from mistaking someone else's meal for your own. It's...

Thanks for letting me know. I can finally start living my life now. Turn my negatives into positives and all that gay motivational crap

Nothing will scare you more than 8 missed calls from your mom, amirite?

The worst is working out the call-to-minute ratio. You just KNOW shits gone down.

Due to the fact that Facebook has changed so subtly over the years, you can't actually remember how it was used to be set out and look, amirite?
Due to the fact that Facebook has changed so subtly over the years, you can't actually remember how it was used to be set out and look, amirite?
@Albert_Einstein Pics, anyone?

Have a bit of a spasm with the mouse button there Albie?

Take off the "hap" in "happiness" and you get a dirty word, amirite?