Ants never complain about humans ruining their picnic, amirite?
My first word should have been "quote", so that right before I die I could say "end-quote", amirite?

I swear, I've seen this before, Repeat.

Rocky never actually deletes posts or does mod work, he just goes around being all cool and sexy. amirite?

how would you know?

you dont hate justin beaber because of his music, you hate her because the people that loves her, amirite?

you say his
then her
wtf are you saying he's a tranny?

why not show a username

When you find out one of your friends likes Twilight, you legitimately lose a bit of respect for them, amirite?

I think it depends
If they're not all like
"OMG i love teem edward/ Jacob"
I could care less

Post #139495! amirite?

yeah [:
and sorry i never went to the chat
i had to get off :p

When you see the numbers in No Way you wonder if its some old nasty mean people. amirite?

I'm young not nasty nice people DDD:

What the fuck are we gonna do when there is no more water left!? amirite?
@Highninja it is a tough crowd tonight

this crowd also knows how to use a reply button :$

Hey, wasn't there a button that looked like a face in the lower left hand corner of amirite for a couple of days? Where did that thing go? amirite?

still there .

When internet explorer won't start, you will get mad and will start clicking on the icon a million times. You will regret that 10 seconds later whan you see millions of windows popping up... amirite?
If you could vote on your own
posts, it would make home page in a heartbeat, amirite?

what do you mean by that?HP Votes or what?

Justin Biebers A loser, loser, loser,ooh a loser, loser , loser ooh, but nobodys shocked by that, amirite?

Yay im right and yes he does,its just ewwh

You almost never click the home page button on a post you 'no way'ed', amirite?
@Flexi lol even when people put those in posts, most just overlook it and see the comment/post completely differant than...

Lol I know, I homepage and fave a lot though so yeah :3
I need to waste all my votes like nao xD

Post #139495! amirite?

ooh you're from england?that's so coool
i just graduated year 8 if thats the same thing as it is here