Pubes in the rim, amirite?

Anyone who ever had to clean a public toilet agrees. Where y'all grooming skills at people!?

There's always a guy who said that he never study , and ace the test... amirite?

That changes real quick when they get to college

People who need mental help the most are some of the most hesitant to ask for it. amirite?

nOt OriGiNaL

Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?

I already feel it. I'm dying. In fact I have symptoms of cancer and I don't even want to tell anyone IRL because it will hurt even worse to know that they don't care, they'll just continue their lives as normal. I prefer to go down strong and alone.

People make fun of D&D players but spend hundreds on a fantasy league of sports icons. amirite?
Technically, there's an infinite amount of ressources. We just don't have the ressources to get to them. amirite?

i like this one

It would actually be good for the world if a lot of humanity were to die off. amirite?

boy you're gonna be real excited when i tell you about a little thing called ‘the near future'

"Er" and "erm" are prounounced "uh" and "um" with a British accent, amirite?

Try saying "beer can" in a British accent.

You've just said "bacon" in a Jamaican accent.

There is one reliable distinction between smart people and stupid people, amirite?

Getting the vaccine vs people who insist on believing conspiracies

Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?
@donna Then make sure you're part of the solution and not the problem

Give me an infinity gauntlet and I'll solve this problem in an instant.

No half-ass job like the wrinkled Grimace over there.

You pay to not have fun in strip clubs, amirite?

Having drinks and seeing people take their clothes off isn't fun?

Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana are the most beautiful states, yet only weirdos live there. amirite?
Whatever happens, we're all part of it. amirite?
Being a cavewoman with large breasts must have been awful. Whenever they ran away from a bear, their tits would slap them in the face. amirite?
@88080808088 It was unbearable

Tit is only a minor nuisance though

Writing a diary is considered sane and respectable but talking to yourself is considered crazy and bizarre. amirite?

Just call me crazy then. I work out lots of issues by talking to myself.