About me.

I AM A GIRL. that's the most important.

now that that's out of the way:

hiya! I'm Jaclyn Brene'.
Brene'-Brene (bruh-nay)
jaybrene! XD

I am an actress, therefore, I am very outgoing and outspoken.
Fluent in sarcasm.
not-so-sweet 17.
in love with movies and all things related.
dream job: see what Tina Fey does? yeah, that.
I'm a christian, but I am very pro-gay marriage. Don't ask me about it, it may get heated. :)
the rest of my opinions will go unmentioned as that seems to be the source of trouble.

Entirely open to making friends and not judgmental in the least, so feel free to start up a conversation. :)