About me.

... I make people lose the game.

I believe in vampires that burn up in the sun and werewolves that change on the full moon.

I watch movies. A lot. Especially Johnny Depp (don't you dare mention Willy Wonka or Jack Sparrow) and Ewan McGregor.

Conan O'Brien

My name is Stephanie, but people call me Scottii.

I'm an avid Harry Potter fan. (who isn't?) I'm probably the most magical person in my school. Sure, my friends read the books and saw the movies but do they write fanfiction? Do they listen to Wrock? (MoM!!!) Did The Shoebox Project make them cry as much as Deathly Hollows?

Sadly, no. That was only me. Except on the internet, where I am NORMAL. For once. :)

THIS IS MY TUMBLR. http://statingtheobviousproblems.tumblr.com/ IT'S PRETTY COOL!