You hesitate to look out of your windows when night has fallen for fear that you may see something looking back at you, amirite?
@Laguakat You can hardly even see out the windows at night.

True, but sometimes your imagination plays tricks on you, and that silhouette of the lamppost outside your bedroom becomes a demon. Or something like that

When shop assistants keep following you around, they probably think you're going to steal something, amirite?

That happened to me and my friends at an antique shop once..the guy even followed us up the stairs and just sat at one of the tables watching us

the 'tick, tick" of a car's turn signal is a very relaxing sound, amirite?

I think it's relaxing when I'm the one driving...but when I'm the passenger, it's the most annoying sound I've ever heard...and my dad has a tendency to leave it on after he's made the turn (if it doesn't turn off on its own) and it drives me insane

You wouldn't be able to see thestrals if they existed, amirite?
You wouldn't be able to see thestrals if they existed, amirite?
You wish you could be with the person you love right now, amirite?
@MusicalXMolly Yeah but he's in Canada and I'm in southeast Michigan :(

I feel yah, mine's in Texas and I'm in New least he's not in California anymore..

True love does NOT happen at age 13, amirite?

I believe Corey and Topanga would disagree with this post...

They need to make a box of just marshmallows from Lucky Charms and sell just the middle of Oreos, amirite?

They actually do sell just the marshmallows of Lucky Charms

Lucid dreaming is awesome. Doing literally whatever you want for 8 hours with no danger or consequences,amirite?
@LamWin I've been lucid dreaming involuntarily about every other night since I was 6. The 2 main things you'll be using...

Once I realize that I'm lucid dreaming, I can never fly. It's physically impossible for me to get off the ground, even though a moment before I was flying perfectly with everyone else. Also, running. Sometimes I'll be running like a speed-demon, and once I realize what I'm doing, my legs seize up and I can't move.

@DryTurtle An artist I am not.

I found it humorous, and you're a better artist than I am!

His right arm is so long!

Titanic is a better movie than Wizard of Oz, amirite?

i can't vote either way, because they're two of my most favorite movies...!

You wonder if actors like Jack Black who are known for being fat, want to lose weight but don't because it could affect their career. amirite?

I know that Ham from the sandlot was known for being that pudgy kid, and when he grew up he lost a lot of weight and people didn't want him anymore for movies and stuff because he wasn't that fat kid anymore.

The first day of a new job is always pretty bad. amirite?

I didn't wait till the first day of work for it to be bad; I had a terrible first day of training. I accidentally knocked over an entire container of feta cheese on my first training day as a waitress. It was mortifying.

At least once you had a dream that was so awesome you almost/actually started crying when you woke up, amirite?

I had one that was so scary i woke up crying..does that count?