I'll give that distinction to right leaning Libertarians.

It's hard to tell with her; she's had so many Botox injections that her face is melting.

Pork crackle is one of the tastiest things ever, amirite?

Why you have 3 downvotes for asking simple question, I don't understand. I don't even know if such a dish exists.

Nothing is endless, but endlessness itself.

Yes, and I feel the same about time. No beginning, no end; has always been and will always be.

Nothing is endless, but endlessness itself.

Maybe, but I think how small something can be is infinite also.

OK, Trump has been interesting, but would you really vote for him?

and then I did vote for him and he proved to be the best choice by far.
Weird huh?
My other choice was Hillary, the most evil of them all. She needed to lose no matter what.

What is your favorite tune/tunes by James Taylor?

I've never bought any of his stuff; it's been on the radio forever. Not my top choice in style but I enjoy getting mellow now and again. He's perfect for that. I can't pick; he's got some good ones that I like equally.

Is Ringo Starr an underrated drummer?
@StarzAbove Neil Peart, John Bonham

But they're not underrated at all; everyone knows they're among the very best and they're both on every top 10 list.

Is Ringo Starr an underrated drummer?

He's good but very basic, not underrated. The most underrated drummer is Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience; next is Bill Ward of the original Black Sabbath. 99% of people don't have a clue as to who they are/were and they're both top 10 best drummers in rock history, but neither are even listed.

What a bunch of moronic cry babies.

Not my son, he is probably personally responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of them.

Do you want another Bush in the White House?
Remakes of old movies is simply Hollywood being lazy. i don't buy it! Come up with original NOT remake old ones which were great to begin with. There are PLENTY out there!

Agreed. Mary Poppins my ass!

Which Decade Seemed Better To You?

I'm changing my vote. I only picked the 70's because I was a kid doing kid stuff. To be completely honest, the 00's and the one we're in, because of the wife and kids.

Populist right, just a touch left of Victor Orban.