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I was having a mischievous idea.

It's the only place where I can be COMPLETELY open about who I am. I need that. There's only good for me to say.

What was the meal you loved to go home to as a kid?

Lasagne with garlic bread.

Animals kill just for sport, so why is it looked down upon when humans do it... am I right or what!?

Because we, as people, have the ability to control ourselves. Killing for fun isn't good. There is nothing wrong with hunting for food but to put the head of a lion on your wall? Not cool.

Happy Birthday.

You need to work with your counselor and let him/her know that you want to fight through your illness and make something out of yourself. Ask for help coming up with a plan. You can do it; we all have some problem to fight through. Granted, yours is pretty tough but you can do it.

If someone you know offered you pot, what would you say?

I'm a humanist. That goes for gender and race.

Mind=Blown :: Please post some fun facts - (no politics on this one please).

As long as there are no Kingons blocking the way. (continuation of the sentence with the picture.)

I'd like to add to that with some words from Sammy Hagar: "If you want love, you have to give a little. If you want faith you've got to believe a little. If you want peace, turn your cheek a little. You've got to give to live." Just beautiful words. It just kind of means that you receive through giving.

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest people on Amirite.

As I wake up and glimpse the meaninglessness that is the great chasm of existence, it helps to remember that we are all only just food for worms.

I'm sorry you feel that way Vic. Consider the possibility that there is more than that and maybe you'll feel better. I don't like to see people sad and depressed. Find something fun to do and just do it. Don't listen to these people who say "they know" this is all there is to it. There is no way for them to.

Face-to-face...if someone looks like they might attack you...what should you aim for?

The eyes. Blind people can't really fight very well.

Would you rather win free groceries for the rest of your life or win free gas for the rest of your life?

Man, I would sure eat good. AND BEER is a grocery item!