Usually insecure people. The world is full of fucked up stuff.

On a weight lifting bench.


I get the 3 pairs for $7.99 at Walmart.


Enough? I don't get it.

I want my MOMMY! Leave me alone!

I love the way the waves feel when I'm floating on my back. I can't float like that in fresh water.


Says the guy who upvotes and loves his own comments.

Just take me to the taxidermist, stuff me and stick me in the recliner.

Take everything in the refrigerator that will go bad if not used soon, mix it all together, and make a stir fry. (obviously, foods that are not cooked aren't included.)


The only way to stop them is to pump iron and become a heavy metal drummer, the world's greatest aerobic exercise.

From what I've learned, a woman wants tenderness and someone who will listen. So, give her that!

I once met a woman named "Shitae."

You don't think there are liberal sock puppets posting annon?