Even if you weren't a fan of the guy while he was in office, you have to admit that Bush (Jr.) would be a cool guy to have a beer with. He'd have some interesting stories to tell, amirite?

Look up Mike Birbiglia's joke about Wiffle Ball Tony

Most people have wrong views on evanglists. Even though they may be annoying, they are also taking time from their lives to convert you because they care for you. Even if you are a complete stranger, amirite?

I absolutely agree. It's not fair to just write them off as annoying, even though they are. Regardless of whether or not you believe, or whether or not what they have to say matters to you, it matters to them. They're trying to help you with something that is literally the single most important thing in the Universe to them, and that's pretty meaningful.

Honestly, they're annoying to us in the sense that family and friends are annoying to a drug addict during an intervention. We should probably be a little more appreciative.

just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit, amirite?

Fuck this post

You have sexual fantasies as you're going to bed at night, amirite?

and throughout the day

When girls smoke, they look like sluts, amirite?
It sucks when you board a plane and then find out there is no phalange, amirite?
It's really annoying when people think it's fun to mess with you when they know you're in a bad mood, amirite?
@John_Smith You're probably cute when you're mad. There are people that i anger on purpose cause they're cute when they're mad.

John_Smith sounds like that asshole friend that everyone is annoyed by but never says anything, amirite?

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Everyone's a little worried that they won't find someone to love, amirite?

The problem isn't finding someone to love. It's finding someone to love you back just as much.

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It's creepy how some of the most unexpected songs make you horny, amirite?

The Star Spangled Banner

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Sometimes, you find yourself randomly touching your vagina. amirite?

Hehe, I'm doing it right now. Guess I was caught wet handed.

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