Why, just why, does Chrome have an option for "Close tabs to the right", but not for "Close tabs to the left"? That's discrimination, amirite?
@JohnJillky Yo, download...

Thank you for the tip! That seems really handy; going to try that.

Post a song that takes you for a ride on the feels train
@JohnJillky This song actually helped me understand depression more. When I looked...

Thank you for sharing - never heard it before, and I enjoyed it. It is a beautiful music indeed, and the lyrics is extremely sad - I've got to agree it's surprising at first.
I've felt very sad at times, but I don't think I've ever had what people call "depression".
Although I've never felt such a strong experience as described in the lyrics, I'm sure it closely reflects feelings that have been experienced by people in reality (which is enough to make the lyrics really fascinating).

What's something about you that other people might find (or do find) difficult to understand / relate to?

Why I don't show much excitement about things they feel very passonate about. I'm just not much for screaming at the wind. :)

You laugh at your own jokes, amirite?

I don't think anybody should be stupid enough to laugh at my jokes, not even myself.

You laugh at your own jokes, amirite?

On rare occasions...

Wonder how many republicans are feeling like the prisoner who spent 8 years digging an escape tunnel only to emerge deep inside another prison.
@VicZinc Different analogy: they spent 8 years building a monument only to watch it crumble.

A monument, or an idol? Certainly there was plenty of worship going on, either way.

@JohnJillky Mirrorthrone - The Fecal Rebellion Love the beginning of this avant-garde black metal song... and the rest of the...

Pretty epic, reminds me a bit of Ne Obliviscaris. They just released a new album I haven't listened to, but listen to "And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope" it's similar IMHO

More bad lip reading humor. This stuff cracks me up.
@JohnJillky Omg on the floor lololol

Where in the world did you pop back in from?

How does a dude dying on a cross save people from sins?
@JohnJillky So god did something redundant to give himself the ability to forgive people?

This god knocked up a 12 year old girl, with himself, so he would be born on earth, so he could sacrifice himself to save you from the sin that he originally condemned you with...LMAO

What is your definition of what a man and/or a woman is/are? (Genders)

I heard that myth too, until I found out what they're really made out of...vinegar and Tabasco sauce!

What is your definition of what a man and/or a woman is/are? (Genders)

Males are made of worms, snails, and puppy-dog tails.

Females are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

... at least that's what I was taught back in kindergarten. Have there been some recent advances in science to challenge that?